Wild Geese - Limited Edition - Irish Whiskey



Wild Geese - Limited Edition
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This Irish Whiskey is truly a delightful, masterfully blended tasting whiskey.

Nose: The nose is full, malty and sweet with a hint of citrus; and on the higher notes spice, a touch of cardamom.

Taste & Finish: Smooth, sweet to start, balanced, spice and an oatmeal maltiness. Hints of marzipan and a subtle and satisfying overtone of chocolate. A lingering and satisfying finish, full with a taste of oak. Rich and luxurious - truly a delightful, masterfully blended tasting whiskey.

Category(s):     Irish Whiskey
Group(s):     St Patrick's Day ,   The Wild Geese Whiskey Collection
Producer: Wild Geese Whiskey Distillery   -   www.thewildgeesecollection.com
ABV:   43%
Brand:   Wild Geese Whiskey Distillery
Country of Origin:   Eire
Distillery:   Cooleys


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Producer Information

A historical perspective to modern day

Patrick Sarsfield's army is defeated at the decisive Battle of The Boyne. From this point on, his attempts to oust the English and place James II on the throne, were doomed.

There followed the Treaty of Limerick where Sarsfield’s army was given a stark choice. Those that chose to live under English rule filed one way, others like Sarsfield and his followers turned the other way, to board French ships to take them to France.

They took the name The Wild Geese in the hope and belief that this would be a temporary strategic exile in Europe.

The parting, however, proved permanent. Like the vanquished everywhere over the centuries, they faced a bleak future at home. Stripped of their authority and property, many of them found life in Ireland intolerable.

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