Pistonhead - Kustom Lager 6 Pack - Swedish Lager 6x 330ml Cans


Pistonhead - Kustom Lager 6 Pack
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330ml Cans
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Straw golden colour with a malty nose and a hint of dark loaf.

A full bodied malt flavour with a balanced and distinct bitterness.

Malt: Pilsner and Munchener.

Hops: Spalter Select, Magnum and Perle.

Category(s):     Lager

Producer: Spendrups   -   www.spendrups.se
ABV:   4.6%
Brand:   Spendrups
Country of Origin:   Sweden
Style:   Pale Lager


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1 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Fri, 22 Nov 2013
Review: Bought these from drinkshop.com a few weeks ago. Actually quite pleased with this light lager. Of course the lack of flavour didn’t really match up to all the bravado that Pistonhead portrays in its packaging. Considering the taste alone it is a fairly generic lager, with no dominant or unique flavourings on offer at all. But what this lager does excel in is its finish. The superbly crisp dryness to every swallow is extremely refreshing and makes this lager an ideal companion on a hot summers day. It does contain a slight chemically aspect to it that suggests that consuming too many could result in a sore head, but it is still refreshing. The balance of carbonated is perfect and it deserves credit for that. When in need of a refreshing light drink we’d certainly reach for this one ahead of other lagers such as Bud Light, it offers a little more than your generic light beverage. Remembering that this lager was only introduced in 2011 it is certainly a lager with potential. Deeply refreshing with a quality finish, yet just lacking any real flavour to be truly top class.

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Producer Information

Spendrups is a brewery with 1000 dedicated employees and is a family company which was founded in 1897.

The Spendrup family with Fredrik Spendrup as CEO and Ulf Spendrup as vice CEO among others, is today very active in the company.

Spendrups unite strong traditions with innovations. Today, the fourth generation of Spendrup works at the company and many employees have worked with us for decades.

Together, they produce beverages to suit all occasions - beer, cider, soft drinks, juice, water, wine, spirits and coffee. We have strong brands, such as Spendrups, Norrlands Guld, Mariestads, Heineken, Loka, Schweppes, El Coto, Gallo and Bergstrands Coffee.

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