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The Bitter Truth - Thomas Henry Bitters
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Thomas Henry Bitters have a fresh citrusy spiced aromatic nose. Containing Sicilian lemon, orange and grapefruit, they combine zesty flavours against a background of juniper, coriander and maze. These fresh grassy tones work beautifully with the classic gin and tonic mix. They are a perfect way to upgrade the customer experience and introduce bitters back into the mainstream.

However, the product remains versatile, and is perfect for cocktails and long drinks which are based on clear spirits such as gin, vodka, tequila or light rum, or Blanco tequilas - the addition of 2-3 dashes is ideal to flavour the drink.

Category(s):     Bitters

Producer: The Bitter Truth   -
ABV:   43%
Brand:   The Bitter Truth
Country of Origin:   Germany
Flavour:   Aromatic


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