Plantation Rum - Three Stars White Rum - Seductive 70cl Bottle


Plantation Rum - Three Stars White Rum
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70cl Bottle
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From the Drink Spirits website:

Plantation 3 Stars White Rum 41.2% is the first white rum from Plantation. It's a blend of rums from Barbados, Trinidad, and Jamaica (which just so happen to be three of our favourite rum producing islands). The blend actually consists of a 3 year old Trinidad rum, unaged Barbados, unaged Jamaican, and a 12 year aged Jamaican rum.

The nose on the Plantation 3 Stars Rum clearly reflects the rums present in the blend - vanilla cream, marshmallow, banana, and soft cocoa delivered from the Trinidad rum; soft tropical fruit notes coming from the Barbados rum; and deep brown sugar and funk notes from the Jamaican.

The nose on the 3 Stars is nothing short of seductive.

Category(s):     Rum
Group(s):     White Rum
Producer: Plantation Rum   -
ABV:   41.2%
Brand:   Plantation Rum
Country of Origin:   Barbados
Distillation Method:   Pot Still
Rum Style:   White


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Date of Review: Fri, 10 May 2013
Review: Wow. Best affordable white rum I've ever tasted, not surprised it is picking up loads of awards. Well done Plantation. The blend of styles and ages give the rum real complexity and balance, whilst remaining light enough for a mojito or daiquiri. There is fruit, spice, sweetness, and a little kick from the old Jamaican rum, and the higher alcohol seems to pull it all together rather than making it fiery. I could drink this neat.

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Producer Information

The Plantation rum collection is a rare, unique Caribbean treasure. Now with six different rums offered, Plantation provides a wonderful introduction to the traditionsof the Caribbean, where each rum uniquely expressing the full potential of its area of origin.
Made according to traditional techniques, these rums have escaped industrial standardisation. They are produced in small distilleries and then aged in Bourbon barrels in the hot island sun.
Most of these rare rums are vintage-dated and, therefore, available in limited quantities.
Rum is a key element in Caribbean and Latin American culture.
According to a text by Pere La Batte, it has existed since at least 1667. Rum production techniques have developed a great deal since then, with major improvements in quality and finesse.
Rum is produced in most countries in South America and many islands in the Caribbean. Variations in character reflect the terroir of each area of origin. Some estate-bottled rums are of outstanding quality and have a palette of aromas and flavours fine enough to compete with the greatest Armagnac or Cognac.
Jamaica, Barbados, Venezuela in these Caribbean islands and countries, a few independent distilleries, lost among the sugar-cane fields for centuries, distil and slowly age rums from their own estate or plantation.
Freshly cut sugar cane from the plantation is pressed and crushed to extract the juice, which is gently heated to become molasses, or just simply fermented to turn into 'vesou.' These ingredients are then placed in the traditional distillation apparatus. According to tradition, the leftover crushed sugar cane is usually used as combustible.
Depending on the plantation and country of origin, two types of distillation may be used: "Pot stills," which have existed for over 700 years and produce a soft, aromatic rum and "distillation columns," invented in the early 19th century, which produce a light, elegant rum.
When heated gently, the alcohol vapour rises before it then condenses by contact with the cold surface. The resulting pure, highly aromatic liquid is called rum.
After distillation, the Plantation rums are transferred to small barrels, often oak, previously used for bourbon, cognac, or sherry. This process gives them their special character.
The rum ages and improves for several years in ancient cellars, warmed by the tropical sun. The Caribbean climate allows the rums to develop their aromas more full. Approximately 12% of the rum evaporates naturally through the oak every year. This important evaporation accelerates the ageing of Plantation rums and enables them to develop their subtly exotic aromas and flavours to the fullest. Plantation rums are then reduced to the commercial alcoholic degree of 45% alc.vol. - 90 proof for the vintage rums and 40% alc.vol. - 80 proof for Grande Reserve.

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