Carlsberg - Danish Lager



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First brewed in 1847 by J C Jacobson, the first Carlsberg brewery was built just outside the Copenhagen on a hill (berg in Danish).

The brewery was named after JC's first son, Carl. Hence "Carlsberg" or Carl's Hill Brewery.

Category(s):     Lager
Group(s):     Lager Cans
Producer: Carlsberg-Tetley   -
ABV:   4.1%
Brand:   Carlsberg-Tetley
Country of Origin:   Denmark
Style:   Pale Lager


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2 Product Reviews

Date of Review: Fri, 24 Oct 2008
Review: It is quite obvious that the site controllers only allow the positive comments - don't blame them, they are trying to sell the product, after all. But Carlsberg (in the UK) is awful at 3.8%. I would only consider Export or Elephant, and they are still very bitter. It can only compete on price... it is cheap for a reason.

Date of Review: Fri, 19 Aug 2005
Review: The best beer in the world by far. Please let me know how I can order some Carlburg using U.S. dollars. Thank you.

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Producer Information

JC Jacobsen founded his first brewery on a hill in the village of Valby near Copenhagen and he called it Carlsberg after Carl, his five year old son and the Danish word for hill - berg. JC Jacobsen introduced new standards of production to the Danish market and his new beer was an instant success.
As Carlsberg became more successful JC Jacobsen ensured that his son was trained to follow in his footsteps and in 1870 he founded an independent brewery adjacent to his own site for Carl. Following a disagreement with his father Carl Jacobsen later established a brewery of his own. In 1881 Ny Carlsberg (New Carlsberg) was inaugurated and Carlsberg is brewed on the same site to this day.

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