Pitu - Cachaca - Launched in 1938 70cl Bottle


Pitu - Cachaca
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70cl Bottle
Available 28th Feb 2016

Pitu is a Brazilian spirit made from pure sugar cane. Only the sugar-cane juice from the first pressings is used for export.

This juice contains the fresh, pure taste. A maturing process of several weeks in a wooden vat allows this taste to unfold completely.

The quality achieved in this way forms the ideal basis for a Premium Caipirinha - Cut a lime into eight pieces, place in glass, add 1-2 teaspoons of cane sugar, squeeze out the lime juice with the Pitu pestle, add 6cl of Pitu, fill the glass with crushed ice, stir and enjoy!

Category(s):     Cachaca
Group(s):     ,   Unaged Cachaca
Producer: Pitu   -   www.pitu.com
ABV:   40%
Brand:   Pitu
Cachaca Style:   Silver
Cachaca Type:   Industrial
Country of Origin:   Brazil
Region:   Pernambuco


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Date of Review: Fri, 25 Jun 2010
Review: A perfect caiprinha for me has to hit the nostrils, via the back of the mouth. The tongue enjoys the lime/sugar blend, while the cachaca is felt in the nose. No matter how much Pitu I mixed, I couldn't get it to work. For want of a better explanation, I'll keep it simple - Pitu is too clean a taste, it has no attitude and no edge. I much prefer Velho Barreiro, far better in a caiprinha.

Date of Review: Thu, 18 Aug 2005
Review: Some real plus points, but considering the heritage, there are better to choose from.
A quite tight, acidic nose which is luckily dispersed upon tasting neat.
When used in a Caipirinha it combines very well with the lime, but somehow fights the sugar, creating a disconnected, muddled drink.
Price is hard to beat and overall what you should expect from a world renowned brand.

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Producer Information

In 1938, two tradition-rich families, Ferrer de Morais and Condido Carneiro, teamed up and started jointly manufacturing this top-quality sugar-cane distillate in Northeastern Brazil. Right after the first taste-test, they recognized that their drink had a rosy future ahead of it. In order to discuss how best to proceed, and, in particular, give their new drink a name, the heads of the families met one evening at the river separating their family estates while their children played together on the riverbank.
One of their favourite games was drawing pictures of things that they had just seen in the sand. The others had to guess what they had drawn. One of the children drew a picture of a 'PITU,' a species of fresh-water crab that is found only in that river and is very rare. When the heads of the families saw the drawing, they immediately knew that 'PITU' was the ideal name for their drink.

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