Cocchi - Barolo Chinato - Italian Mulled Wine 50cl Bottle


Cocchi - Barolo Chinato
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50cl Bottle
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Born in Piedmont last century, it soon spread throughout Italy due to its well-balanced bittersweet taste and, above all, to the great reputation of the 'Barolo' name which immediately differentiated it from the other alcoholic beverages containing China Calissaja barks. The inventor of a genuine recipe, Giulio Cocchi was also the champion of the Barolo Chinato spreading. In the 19th century Barolo Chinato became popular as a wine used for medicinal purposes. As a matter of fact, in Piedmont it was a traditional antidote for several minor diseases, especially cold diseases.

As mulled wine (vin brule) having warming and invigorating qualities, it was praised for its fever-reducing and digestives properties. Thus presenting mulled wine became a habit and a hearty way to welcome guests in country villages in winter time. Today, while revisiting the traditions and attempting to recover a more natural style of living, new interesting ways of drinking this spiced wine are emerging.

Wine Making
Barolo Chinato is a special wine produced with Barolo DOCG (Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin), spiced with China Calissaja barks, gentian and rhubarb roots, and valuable cardamon seeds - the active principles are extracted through a slow maceration process at room temperature, then refinement occurs in casks for nearly one year.

Tasting Notes
Balanced and harmonious scent, appealing taste, pleasant aromatic persistence.

Perfect to serve with many of your favourite dishes. In chic restaurants it is often presented at room temperature as a stylish after meal or steam heated with an orange twist. And surprisingly, Barolo Chinato has been discovered as an 'ideal complement' to balance the long-lasting mouth feel of high cocoa percentage candies.

Andrea Slitti, the winner of Grand Prix de Chocolaterie held in Paris in 1994 and golden medal at Berlin Chocolate Olympics in September 1996, created a special home-made top quality praline with Barolo Chinato for Giulio Cocchi's distribution. Presented at wine tastings, these pralines do confirm the success of a wonderful union!.

Serving Temperature

Category(s):     Speciality

Producer: Giulio Cocchi   -
ABV:   16%
Appellation:   Barolo
Brand:   Giulio Cocchi
Country of Origin:   Italy
Grape Type:   Nebbiolo
Region:   Piedmont
Vintage:   NV


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Producer Information

founded his business in the North Western Italian town of Asti in 1891 when as a young pastry chef he became fascinated with the pairing of food and wine as he looked to expand the range of products on offer in his artisan bakery.

Giulio began producing quality aromatic-infused wines and by the turn of the century two in particular - Barolo Chinato and Aperitivo Americano - had become very popular, not only throughout Piedmont but also in the export markets of London, New York, Africa and South America.

Giulio Cocchi Spumanti is now owned by the Bava Family, themselves highly renowned wine producers. Today the winery still maintains its artisan character using only traditional techniques to craft the distinctive spirits that have made the Cocchi name synonymous with style and quality.

Cocchi's Americano means much more to Asti than a simple wine made with the infusion of herbs and spices. An aperitif par excellence, it is a taste of Asti's gastronomic history going back to the 1900s. Cocchi's is widely regarded as the original Americano, and has been made continuously since 1891 using only natural ingredients. To aromatise the white wine a secret blend of herbs and spices are added to the Muscato base which is then steeped over a period of time. Only produced in small batches, the bottles are laid down for a year before release. In recent years Cocchi Americano has risen to prominence as a more than adequate replacement for the now discontinued Kina Lillet made famous in such cocktails as The Vesper and Corpse Reviver No 2.

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