Domenis - Stravecchia Cinque - Grappa



Domenis - Stravecchia Cinque
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An aged grappa from top producers Domenis, Stravecchia is a spectacularly complex spirit with a seemingly unending finish. Amazing stuff.

Flax, sesame oil, some oaky notes as expected - resin, sap, hint of vanilla honey. Resembles a very young whisky in some respects. Sweetened porridge, natural yoghurt.

Big burst of pepper initially, then sweetens slightly, with marmalade, blossom and mixed peel. The resin from the nose is also present. Mid-palate some clove and then very prominent apricot flavours come through (both fresh and tinned).

Amazingly long. The pepper and clove win out over the apricot.

Category(s):     Grappa

Producer: Domenis   -
ABV:   50%
Brand:   Domenis
Country of Origin:   Italy


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Producer Information

Distilleria Domenis is situated in Cividale del Friuli in the heart of a territory renowned throughout the world for the richness and excellence of its grapes as well as its intense wine-making tradition. The company, dating from 1898, owes its success to the pursuit of strong traditional values passed down through the four generations of the Domenis family who have managed the business to the present day.

For their organic sambuca, the Distilleria Domenis has chosen the star anise plant, one of the oldest spices, used in the kitchens of the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilisations. The result is a firework of elegant and intense taste, in a balanced mix of finesse and energy.

Domenis Sambuca should be served at room temperature. Furthermore, it may be served with a coffee bean to be chewed during tasting, enabling a more intense taste experience. Even when chilled, or taken with an Espresso, the Sambuca will freshen up the flavour and is often used as a sweetener.

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