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Image of Akashi Tai - Daiginjo 1 ReviewAkashi Tai - Daiginjo
The Daiginjo Akashi-tai is made using Yamada Nishiki rice grown in Hyogo Prefecture. A brew master watches over the ko...
72cl Bottle £ 25.02
Image of Akashi Tai - Genmai Aged Akashi Tai - Genmai Aged
The Genmai Aged Sake was created using the finest of rices for sake - Yamada Nishiki - in an almost entirely unpolished ...
72cl Bottle £ 30.07
Image of Akashi Tai - Honjozo Akashi Tai - Honjozo
Akashi-Tai Honjozo is a medium-bodied sake with hints of citrus and straw. Whilst delicious at any temperature, it is b...
72cl Bottle £ 13.40
Image of Akashi Tai - Honjozo Genshu Akashi Tai - Honjozo Genshu
Akashi-Tai's undiluted honjozo Akashi-tai is a satisfyingly full-bodied sake. This is the drink the brew-masters reach...
72cl Bottle £ 16.64
Image of Akashi Tai - Junmai Daiginjo 1 ReviewAkashi Tai - Junmai Daiginjo
Was £28.22 - Now £26.04
Akashi-Tai Junmai Daiginjo uses only the very best of this variety - the top grade of the most highly prized Yamada Nish...
72cl Bottle £ 26.04
Image of Choya - Extra Shisu Umeshu Choya - Extra Shisu Umeshu
Japanese traditional Umeshu, which is made from ume fruit. Extra Shisu also contains shiso herb (known in Japan as 'Per...
70cl Bottle £ 25.99
Image of Choya - Extra Years Umeshu Dento 2 ReviewsChoya - Extra Years Umeshu Dento
Japanese traditional Umeshu (ume fruit liqueur), which is made from ume fruit (related to the Apricot fruit of the Rosac...
70cl Bottle £ 25.81
Image of Choya - Original Ume Plum Wine Choya - Original Ume Plum Wine
With its distinctive sweet and smooth taste, Choya Plum Wine is produced to a traditional Japanese recipe by steeping gr...
75cl Bottle £ 12.89
Image of Choya - Sake 1 ReviewChoya - Sake
For over 1000 years, sake has been produced from rice, grown in the Nara region of western Japan, and slowly fermented w...
72cl Bottle £ 8.78
Image of Choya - Umeshu Royal Honey Choya - Umeshu Royal Honey
Choya Royal Honey is made from Japanese ume fruit and 100% natural honey with royal jelly added. This is a traditional ...
70cl Bottle £ 33.95
Image of Isake - Classic Isake - Classic
Isake Classic was developed in Japan by the passion of a French Sommelier and a Japanese Sake expert along with sake mas...
72cl Bottle £ 26.20