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Image of Tequila Chamucos - Anejo Especial Tequila Chamucos - Anejo Especial
Smooth and sweet, flavours of dried fruit, almonds, vanilla and chocolate. Age in white oak barrels for 18 months.
70cl Bottle £ 44.40
Image of Tequila Chamucos - Blanco Especial Tequila Chamucos - Blanco Especial
Fruity essences, predominantly citric, light hints of peppermint, vanilla and spices. Unaged.
70cl Bottle £ 33.60
available 16th May 2015
Image of Tequila Chamucos - Reposado Especial Tequila Chamucos - Reposado Especial
Smooth and fruity, long finish, profound and resonant. Rested in white oak barrels for 7 months.
70cl Bottle £ 42.47
Image of Tequila XQ - Blanco Tequila XQ - Blanco
XQ Blanco is un-aged and made from 100% blue agave. The hand selected agave pina's are slow baked in a traditional ove...
70cl Bottle £ 24.76
Image of Tequila XQ - Reposado Tequila XQ - Reposado
Agave juice is fermented and they have an alcoholic wash known traditionally as pulque, which is then distilled. At the...
70cl Bottle £ 26.29