Tequila & Mescal

Tequila is a distilled alcoholic beverage made primarily in the area surrounding Tequila, a town in the western Mexican state of Jalisco, 65 km from Guadalajara. It is made from the blue agave tequilana weber plant (also called Maguey by the local people), part of lily family, which is native to Mexico. Most common tequilas are 38% to 40% alcohol (76 to 80 proof).

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Image of Sierra - Reposado Sierra - Reposado
Fine golden Tequila from the heart of the fruit of the Blue Agave Tequilana Weber, double distilled in copper pot stills...
70cl Bottle £ 24.49
Image of Sierra - Silver Sierra - Silver
Sierra Tequila Silver is a young, very pure, racey Tequila. Enjoyed neat with lemon and salt, or in long drinks and co...
70cl Bottle £ 22.97
Image of Sierra Milenario - Blanco Sierra Milenario - Blanco
A 100% Premium agave, Sierra Tequila Milenario Blanco is triple distilled and benefits from the Triple Selection Process...
70cl Bottle £ 49.32
Image of Sierra Milenario - Extra Anejo Sierra Milenario - Extra Anejo
A 100% Premium agave, Sierra Tequila Milenario Extra Anejo is double distilled and benefits from the Triple Selection Pr...
70cl Bottle £ 56.14
Image of Sierra Milenario - Reposado Sierra Milenario - Reposado
A 100% Premium agave, Sierra Tequila Milenario Reposado is aged in oak barrels for at least 9 months and benefits from t...
70cl Bottle £ 52.08
Image of Tapatio - Anejo Tapatio - Anejo
Remarkably full and balanced flavour, described by many connoisseurs as one of the world's finest sipping tequilas. Me...
50cl Bottle £ 33.43
Image of Tapatio - Blanco Tapatio - Blanco
Was £22.54 - Now £19.65
Assertive, spicy and supple, this delicious silver tequila is the perfect introduction to the Tapatio range and is bottl...
50cl Bottle £ 19.65
Image of Tapatio - Reposado Tapatio - Reposado
A more restrained tequila than the Blanco, with subtle wood tones. Reposado ("rested") tequila, by law, requi...
50cl Bottle £ 25.91
available 02nd May 2014
Image of Tequila Chamucos - Anejo Especial Tequila Chamucos - Anejo Especial
Smooth and sweet, flavours of dried fruit, almonds, vanilla and chocolate. Age in white oak barrels for 18 months.
70cl Bottle £ 58.81
Image of Tequila Chamucos - Blanco Especial Tequila Chamucos - Blanco Especial
Fruity essences, predominantly citric, light hints of peppermint, vanilla and spices. Unaged.
70cl Bottle £ 44.11
Image of Tequila Chamucos - Reposado Especial Tequila Chamucos - Reposado Especial
Smooth and fruity, long finish, profound and resonant. Rested in white oak barrels for 7 months.
70cl Bottle £ 48.00
Image of Tequila XQ - Blanco Tequila XQ - Blanco
XQ Blanco is un-aged and made from 100% blue agave. The hand selected agave pina's are slow baked in a traditional ove...
70cl Bottle £ 43.24
Image of Tequila XQ - Reposado Tequila XQ - Reposado
Agave juice is fermented and they have an alcoholic wash known traditionally as pulque, which is then distilled. At the...
70cl Bottle £ 45.60