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Image of Cayo Grande Club - Ron Miel (Honey Rum) Cayo Grande Club - Ron Miel (Honey Rum)
Cayo Grande Club Ron Miel is a popular and classic honey rum from Spain.
70cl Bottle £ 13.50
available 18th Jan 2015
Image of Glayva 1 ReviewGlayva
Glayva is a carefully selected fusion of the finest Scotch whiskies, exotic spices, tangerines, almonds and honey. This...
70cl Bottle £ 25.27
Image of Jack Daniels - Honey Jack Daniels - Honey
Straw in colour with copper tinges. The nose shows maple syrup. Sorghum on the palate, complimented by nice cooperage,...
70cl Bottle £ 26.09
available 26th Jan 2015
Image of JSC-Sojus - Kubanskaya JSC-Sojus - Kubanskaya
Limited stock. Russian vodka produced according to the original recipe combines a delicate bouquet with a slightly bitt...
50cl Bottle £ 17.46
Image of Krupnik 9 ReviewsKrupnik
Krupnik is an ancient Polish liqueur which traces its roots back to the 1300's. As such, it has been a traditional drink...
70cl Bottle £ 20.34
Image of Monin - Miel (Honey) Monin - Miel (Honey)
An essential cocktail ingredient of superb quality and tradition is what separates Monin's range from the rest renowned ...
70cl Bottle £ 11.16
Image of Polmos Lubushka - Impuls Honey Polmos Lubushka - Impuls Honey
Limited stock - 1 bottle remaining. Honey-flavoured luxury spirit ofa highly purified quality potato vodka.
50cl Bottle £ 16.02
Image of St Remy - French Honey St Remy - French Honey
St-Remy with French Honey is a blend of pure and natural honey, "made by bees which have collected their nectar fro...
70cl Bottle £ 24.55
Image of Wild Turkey - American Honey Liqueur Wild Turkey - American Honey Liqueur
Wild Turkey American Honey is an exceptionally smooth liqueur blended with pure honey and real Wild Turkey Bourbon Whisk...
70cl Bottle £ 25.91