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Image of Bols - Strawberry Bols - Strawberry
This liqueur is a harmonious combination of the finest natural ingredients, a distillate of refreshing citrus fruit and ...
50cl Bottle £ 10.66
Image of Bramley And Gage - Strawberry Bramley And Gage - Strawberry
Made with Cornish grown strawberries, the variety that produces the cleanest strawberry taste is 'Calypso'. This liqueur...
35cl Bottle £ 11.99
Image of Briottet - Liqueur a la Fraises des Bois (Strawberry) Briottet - Liqueur a la Fraises des Bois (Strawberry)
This small red fruit is extremely delicate and should be handled with great care. Picked by the Romans for its therape...
70cl Bottle £ 15.76
Image of Finest Call - Strawberry Puree Finest Call - Strawberry Puree
Finest Call strawberry puree mix is a light, refreshing blend of real strawberries, sugar, and a touch of lemon. This ...
1 Litre Bottle £ 6.25
Image of Fragoli - Wild Strawberry 2 ReviewsFragoli - Wild Strawberry
Fragoli is an original and unique Italian fruit liqueur made with the best hand picked wild strawberries with each bottl...
70cl Bottle £ 19.08
Image of Funkin - Strawberry Puree Funkin - Strawberry Puree
(1 kilo pack equates to 950-970ml). Funkin's Strawberry premium puree, used by the UK's top A-list style bars and ch...
1kg Pack £ 8.36
Image of Gabriel Boudier - Creme de Fraises a la fraise des bois (Strawberry) Gabriel Boudier - Creme de Fraises a la fraise des bois (Strawberry)
Only the most perfectly ripe fruit is selected for maceration in alcohol with the addition of just the right amount of s...
50cl Bottle £ 12.30
Image of Giffard - Creme aux Fraises des Bois (Wild Strawberries) Giffard - Creme aux Fraises des Bois (Wild Strawberries)"Tradition"
Infusion of strawberries and wild strawberries. Fresh and light flavour of the strawberry fortified with the very part...
70cl Bottle £ 13.46
Image of Giffard - Fraise Giffard - Fraise
Pure sugar, thick, coloured and flavoured syrup. Full-flavoured aroma of the sweetened strawberries. Very coloured and...
1 Litre Bottle £ 6.28
Image of Lejay Lagoute - Creme de Fraise Lejay Lagoute - Creme de Fraise
This srawberry liqueur brings out gourmet aroms. Its lively colour is ideal to brighten up your cocktails.
70cl Bottle £ 12.52
available 09th Jun 2015
Image of Merlet - Creme de Fraise (Strawberry) Merlet - Creme de Fraise (Strawberry)
Premium strawberry fruit liqueur.
70cl Bottle £ 19.34
Image of Monin - Fraise (Strawberry) Monin - Fraise (Strawberry)
An essential cocktail ingredient of superb quality and tradition is what separates Monin's range from the rest renowned ...
70cl Bottle £ 6.68
Image of Monin - Fraise Bon Bon (Candy Strawberry) Monin - Fraise Bon Bon (Candy Strawberry)
Craving strawberry candy? Monin has the solution. Re-discover the taste of your teen years with the new Monin Candy Str...
70cl Bottle £ 7.99
Image of Monin - Fraise Liqueur (Strawberry) Monin - Fraise Liqueur (Strawberry)
The "Veritable Liqueur de France" lines were specially created to respond to the high demand of barmen, natura...
70cl Bottle £ 15.22
Image of Monin - Strawberry Puree Monin - Strawberry Puree
The strawberry is the first fruit of spring. Everyone looks forward to the end of winter and to this sweet and deliciou...
1 Litre Bottle £ 13.03
available 11th Jun 2015
Image of Rekorderlig - Strawberry & Lime Premium Cider Rekorderlig - Strawberry & Lime Premium Cider
Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime Cider is the super premium Swedish Cider and is made using the finest fermented pears ...
500ml Bottles £ 2.30
Image of Teichenne - Strawberry Teichenne - Strawberry
The original, entirely natural flavoured schnapps, Teichenne comes from a family-owned distillery in the Catalan region ...
70cl Bottle £ 13.64
Image of Volare - Strawberry Volare - Strawberry
Wild strawberries, hand-picked from forests around the distillery in the Dolomite Mountains, north of Venice, create the...
70cl Bottle £ 11.84
Image of Wenneker - Strawberry Wenneker - Strawberry
Wenneker Strawberry Liqueur with it's fantastic fruity, strawberry flavour provides a real taste of summer. Made from ...
50cl Bottle £ 11.45
Image of Xuxu 10 ReviewsXuxu
XUXU is the delicious, fresh-fruity strawberry drink with crystal clear vodka. Each bottle of Xuxu contains 66% fruit. ...
50cl Bottle £ 10.07