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Image of Absolut - Pears 1 ReviewAbsolut - Pears
The palate entry is clean, ripe, fruity, and keenly pear like. Finishes elegantly and with a last minute thrust of pear...
70cl Bottle £ 19.46
available 18th Mar 2016
Image of Briottet - Liqueur de Poire William (Pear) Briottet - Liqueur de Poire William (Pear)
Contains macerated and distilled pears from the Rhone Valley.
70cl Bottle £ 25.72
Image of Bulmers - Pear Cider Bulmers - Pear Cider
Bulmers Pear has a refreshingly light pear taste - crisp with plenty of fruity character.
568ml Bottles £ 2.12
Image of Cartron - Poire William (Pear) Cartron - Poire William (Pear)
A selection of Williams pears grown in the Rhone and Ardeche valleys are the main ingredients for this liqueur. Cartron...
50cl Bottle £ 15.73
Image of Funkin - William Pear Puree Funkin - William Pear Puree
(1 kilo pack equates to 950-970ml). Funkin use William pear to capture the soft delicate flavour of the best juicest...
1kg Pack £ 6.73
Image of Giffard - Poire William (Pear) Giffard - Poire William (Pear)
Infusion of William pear and William pear brandy. Créme de Poire William"Duc d'Anjou" (William pe...
70cl Bottle £ 17.08
Image of Grey Goose - La Poire (Pear) Grey Goose - La Poire (Pear)
In the Anjou region of France, the essence of Anjou pears is artisticaly blended by the Maitre de Chai with the world's ...
70cl Bottle £ 38.42
Image of Merlet - Creme de Poire William (Pear) Merlet - Creme de Poire William (Pear)
The 'Creme de Poire Williams' has a beautiful golden colour identical to the pear's golden colour obtained in the sun ju...
70cl Bottle £ 16.86
Image of Miclo - Poire William (Pear) 1 ReviewMiclo - Poire William (Pear)
A fine eau de vie with pear from the world famous producers, Miclo of Alsace, with production starting either by ferment...
70cl Bottle £ 33.43
Image of Miclo - Poire William Carafon (With Pear in Bottle) Miclo - Poire William Carafon (With Pear in Bottle)
The finest of pear eau de vie from world famous producer's Miclo in a superb decanter with the pear in the bottle. Ferm...
70cl Bottle £ 59.60
Image of Xante 2 ReviewsXante
Xante is a liqueur that is so difficult to describe that even it's makers refuse to do so. However, it has a taste that ...
50cl Bottle £ 20.57