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Image of Absolut - Pears 1 ReviewAbsolut - Pears
The palate entry is clean, ripe, fruity, and keenly pear like. Finishes elegantly and with a last minute thrust of pear...
70cl Bottle £ 19.31
available 04th Dec 2014
Image of Briottet - Liqueur de Poire William (Pear) Briottet - Liqueur de Poire William (Pear)
Contains macerated and distilled pears from the Rhone Valley.
70cl Bottle £ 25.18
Image of Bulmers - Pear Cider Bulmers - Pear Cider
Bulmers Pear has a refreshingly light pear taste - crisp with plenty of fruity character.
568ml Bottles £ 2.11
Image of Cartron - Poire William (Pear) Cartron - Poire William (Pear)
A selection of Williams pears grown in the Rhone and Ardeche valleys are the main ingredients for this liqueur. Cartron...
50cl Bottle £ 15.61
Image of Funkin - William Pear Puree Funkin - William Pear Puree
(1 kilo pack equates to 950-970ml). Funkin use William pear to capture the soft delicate flavour of the best juicest...
1kg Pack £ 8.03
Image of Gabriel Boudier - 'Bartender Range' Liqueur de Poires Williams (Pear) 2 ReviewsGabriel Boudier - 'Bartender Range' Liqueur de Poires Williams (Pear)
Only the most perfectly ripe fruit is selected for maceration in alcohol with the addition of just the right amount of s...
70cl Bottle £ 21.41
Image of Giffard - Poire William (Pear) Giffard - Poire William (Pear)
Infusion of William pear and William pear brandy. Créme de Poire William"Duc d'Anjou" (William pe...
70cl Bottle £ 17.00
Image of Grey Goose - La Poire (Pear) Grey Goose - La Poire (Pear)
In the Anjou region of France, the essence of Anjou pears is artisticaly blended by the Maitre de Chai with the world's ...
70cl Bottle £ 37.31
Image of Magners - Pear Cider Magners - Pear Cider
Was £28.33 - Now £20.99
Limited stock. You'll only find 100% premium quality pears in Magners Pear, which are filtered to get rid of any impuri...
568ml Bottles £ 1.75
Image of Merlet - Creme de Poire William (Pear) Merlet - Creme de Poire William (Pear)
The 'Creme de Poire Williams' has a beautiful golden colour identical to the pear's golden colour obtained in the sun ju...
70cl Bottle £ 16.73
Image of Mickey Finn - Prickly Pear Mickey Finn - Prickly Pear
Limited stock - 1 bottle remaining. Mickey Finn's are Ireland's fastest growing liqueurs. Made from real fruit, their ...
50cl Bottle £ 7.59
Image of Miclo - Poire William (Pear) 1 ReviewMiclo - Poire William (Pear)
A fine eau de vie with pear from the world famous producers, Miclo of Alsace, with production starting either by ferment...
70cl Bottle £ 32.77
Image of Miclo - Poire William Carafon (With Pear in Bottle) Miclo - Poire William Carafon (With Pear in Bottle)
The finest of pear eau de vie from world famous producer's Miclo in a superb decanter with the pear in the bottle. Ferm...
70cl Bottle £ 58.27
Image of Xante 2 ReviewsXante
Xante is a liqueur that is so difficult to describe that even it's makers refuse to do so. However, it has a taste that ...
50cl Bottle £ 20.17
available 06th Dec 2014