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Image of Bacardi - 151 6 ReviewsBacardi - 151
Bacardi 151 rum is not for the faint hearted. 151 contains the craft and the authentic credentials of a great Bacardi ...
1 Litre Bottle £ 80.45
Image of Bundaberg - Overproof 3 ReviewsBundaberg - Overproof
Over-proofed and the genuine Australian article is a stronger tasting rum due in part to the larger ageing vessels and i...
70cl Bottle £ 29.14
Image of Goslings - Black Seal 151 Proof 4 ReviewsGoslings - Black Seal 151 Proof
In the spring of 1806, London wine & spirits merchant James Gosling set out from England aboard the chartered clippe...
70cl Bottle £ 32.75
Image of J Bally - Blanc Agricole 1 ReviewJ Bally - Blanc Agricole
This unique white rum is produced from sugar cane, rather than molasses derived from sugar beet. French-speaking island...
70cl Bottle £ 28.30
Image of Plantation Rum - Dark Overproof Plantation Rum - Dark Overproof
The same rum as the Original Dark, but with additional flavours carried within the huge 73% abv alcohol. Incredibly sof...
70cl Bottle £ 34.45
Image of Pussers - Blue Label Rum 7 ReviewsPussers - Blue Label Rum
Free Pussers Original Grog With Every Bottle!
Pussers Blue Label rum has, for more than 300 years, before the days of Admiral Nelson, wooden ships and iron men, the s...
70cl Bottle £ 31.32
Image of Rhum J.M - Agricole Gold Rhum J.M - Agricole Gold
Naturally aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months and then bottled at the Fonds-Préville distillery.
70cl Bottle £ 39.35
Image of St Aubin - Rhum Agricole St Aubin - Rhum Agricole
Rhum agricole is quite different from other rum in that it's not made from molasses, which is a by-product of sugar prod...
50cl Bottle £ 24.12
Image of Stroh - Original 80% 10 ReviewsStroh - Original 80%
Stroh symbolises Austrian tradition, taste and delight. Stroh fuels your fantasies in finishing thrilling desserts, fl...
50cl Bottle £ 26.63
Image of Westerhall - Jack Iron Overproof Westerhall - Jack Iron Overproof
A strong yet smooth golden overproof rum made from a secret recipe and aged in charred oak casks. Bottled at 70% alc by...
70cl Bottle £ 40.70
Image of Westerhall - White Jack Overproof Westerhall - White Jack Overproof
A clear, colourless light bodied overproof rum that has been filtered through charcoal after the ageing process. Bottle...
70cl Bottle £ 40.70
Image of Wray & Nephew - OP 9 ReviewsWray & Nephew - OP
To the uninitiated, Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum is merely the top-selling high strength rum in the world. In...
70cl Bottle £ 27.08