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Image of Becks Becks
Was £36.11 - Now £30.74
Not surprisingly, Becks is Germany's No 1 export beer. Brewed in Bremen since 1874 according to the German Purity law of...
500ml Cans £ 1.28
Image of Carling - Lager Carling - Lager
Was £29.60 - Now £25.07
A clean cool palate and distinctive bite is down to their good old lightly kilned British malts, aromatic hops and Carli...
500ml Cans £ 1.04
Image of Carlsberg 2 ReviewsCarlsberg
Was £27.90 - Now £23.61
First brewed in 1847 by J C Jacobson, the first Carlsberg brewery was built just outside the Copenhagen on a hill (berg ...
500ml Cans £ 0.98
Image of Carlsberg - Special Brew 1 ReviewCarlsberg - Special Brew
Was £62.42 - Now £53.31
First brewed in 1847 by JC Jacobson, the first Carlsberg brewery was built just outside the Copenhagen on a hill (berg i...
500ml Cans £ 2.22
Image of Heineken 2 ReviewsHeineken
Was £37.48 - Now £32.38
Heineken was created by a group of dedicated people pursuing the highest quality and craftsmanship in brewing. The Hei...
500ml Cans £ 1.35
Image of Holsten Pils Holsten Pils
Was £30.20 - Now £26.12
Holsten Pils is one of the UK's best loved premium packaged lagers. It is the authentic and original premium lager havin...
500ml Cans £ 1.09
Image of Kronenbourg Kronenbourg
Was £33.72 - Now £29.16
Kronenbourg 1664 is a lager with a noble history, characterized by its fine taste. Its golden hues and delicate bittern...
500ml Cans £ 1.22
Image of Oranjeboom 1 ReviewOranjeboom
Was £31.69 - Now £27.44
A delicious, easy-drinking Dutch drop with a hay-like hue and a herbaceous, grassy and fruity fragrance. Citrus notes ...
440ml Cans £ 1.14
Image of Red Stripe Red Stripe
Was £29.94 - Now £25.86
This pale-gold premium lager is the pride of Jamaica with its lightly-hopped full flavour taste.
484ml Cans £ 1.08
available 09th Sep 2014
Image of Skol - Super Skol - Super
Was £59.38 - Now £50.67
Skol Super is a deep blonde imperial strong lager with a sweet bitter lemon and lime fruity liqueur-like flavour and a w...
500ml Cans £ 2.11
Image of Stella Artois 4 ReviewsStella Artois
Was £32.46 - Now £28.63
Stella Artois is renowned as a quality beer brewed for an average of 6-11 days longer than most other beers using the fi...
500ml Cans £ 1.19
Image of Tennents - Super 4 ReviewsTennents - Super
Was £63.77 - Now £54.11
A strong pale lager brewerd in Luton.
500ml Cans £ 2.25
available 09th Sep 2014