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Image of Polugar - Classic Rye Polugar - Classic Rye
Classic Rye Polugar originates with coarse-milled rye grains. It has a warming soft taste of rye bread, slightly sweet, ...
70cl Bottle £ 55.63
Image of Polugar - No. 1 (Rye & Wheat) Polugar - No. 1 (Rye & Wheat)
Hints of wheat bread, with notes of grain, meadow grass, home baking, fresh hay and warm breadcrumb. This truly historic...
50cl Bottle £ 26.59
Image of Polugar - No. 2 (Garlic & Pepper) Polugar - No. 2 (Garlic & Pepper)
The perfect base for an outstanding Bloody Mary, with warming notes of roasted garlic, hot pepper, wheat and rye bread. ...
50cl Bottle £ 34.46
Image of Polugar - No. 3 (Caraway) Polugar - No. 3 (Caraway)
Based on a rye distillate with caraway and coriander added before the third distillation. This truly historic spirit is ...
50cl Bottle £ 34.46
Image of Polugar - No. 4 (Honey & Allspice) Polugar - No. 4 (Honey & Allspice)
Spicy and refined with a pleasant hotness, with honey, syrup, pepper and rye all evident. This truly historic spirit is ...
50cl Bottle £ 34.46
Image of Polugar - Single Malt Rye Polugar - Single Malt Rye
Astonishingly complex, mild taste of fresh rye bread, honey and meadow grass, with a slight rye bitterness. This single ...
70cl Bottle £ 106.85
Image of Polugar - Wheat Polugar - Wheat
Wheat Polugar is made solely from wheat, which provides a plumper texture, with a sweet richness, and touches of grass a...
70cl Bottle £ 51.70