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Image of Anchor - Liberty Anchor - Liberty
Was £55.49 - Now £46.60
First introduced in 1975, Liberty Ale is brewed with a top-fermenting ale yeast, responsible for many of the subtle flav...
35.5cl £ 1.94
Image of Anchor - Old Foghorn Anchor - Old Foghorn
Was £92.43 - Now £80.06
Old Foghorn Barleywine Style Ale is brewed strictly according to traditional brewing methods, using only natural ingredi...
35.5cl £ 3.34
Image of Anchor - Steam Anchor - Steam
Was £51.10 - Now £43.23
'The classic of American brewing tradition since 1896, Anchor Steam has a bronze colour with a thick creamy head. The ...
35.5cl £ 1.80
Image of Bacchus - Framboise (Raspberry) 1 ReviewBacchus - Framboise (Raspberry)
Was £46.99 - Now £39.80
Premium Raspberry is a beer made from traditional Gueuze Lambic, to which 25 per cent of fresh raspberry juice and natur...
375ml Bottles £ 3.32
Image of Bacchus - Kriek (Cherry) Bacchus - Kriek (Cherry)
Was £45.15 - Now £39.73
Kriek Lambic St-Louis. For at least six months, the pulp of morello cherries (kriek) matures in the gueuze-lambic. The ...
375ml Bottles £ 3.31
Image of Bass - Draught Bass - Draught
Was £33.61 - Now £28.10
A classic ale with a malty, fruity, nutty aroma and a complex, satisfying flavour.
500ml Cans £ 1.19
available 08th Nov 2014
Image of Bockor - Omer Bockor - Omer
Was £67.99 - Now £57.57
Traditional Blond is a top fermented beer with a secondary fermentation in the bottle, brewed according to an original r...
330ml Bottles £ 2.40
Image of BrewDog - 5 A.M. Saint BrewDog - 5 A.M. Saint
Was £47.65 - Now £40.34
Lychee and pine aromas lead to hints of orange peel. Earthy and spicy flavours from the rich malt base lead to a subtle...
330ml Bottles £ 1.68
Image of BrewDog - Hardcore IPA BrewDog - Hardcore IPA
Was £82.99 - Now £70.33
Hints of caramel and toffee on the nose, followed by some astringent pine and biscuit malt on the palate coupled with so...
330ml Bottles £ 2.93
Image of BrewDog - Punk IPA BrewDog - Punk IPA
Was £48.29 - Now £40.87
Tropical fruits and light caramel on the nose. The palate soon becomes assertive and resinous with the New Zealand hops...
330ml Bottles £ 1.70
Image of Brooklyn - Brown Ale Brooklyn - Brown Ale
Was £53.65 - Now £46.46
Award winning original American brown ale, first brewed as a holiday speciality and now one of Brooklyn's most popular, ...
35.5cl £ 1.94
Image of Camden - Pale Camden - Pale
Was £41.78 - Now £35.35
Bright gold, big hops and white foam, it's packed with citrus and tropical fruit, there's a round body and a drink-me-fa...
330ml Bottles £ 1.47
Image of Celt - Bleddyn 1075 Celt - Bleddyn 1075
Was £31.14 - Now £26.36
A Stong pale ale with deep malt character. A blend of spice and summer fruit flavours with well balanced medium bitter...
500ml Bottles £ 2.20
Image of Celt - Golden Ale Celt - Golden Ale
Was £28.72 - Now £24.30
A golden coloured organic ale, with a rich full-bodied texture accompanied by a unique blend of traditional and fruity h...
500ml Bottles £ 2.02
Image of Chimay - Blanche Tripel Chimay - Blanche Tripel
Was £68.39 - Now £57.88
This beer is well known for its typical golden colour, its slightly hazy appearance and its fine head is especially char...
330ml Bottles £ 2.41
Image of Chimay - Blue Cap Chimay - Blue Cap
Was £86.64 - Now £73.33
This is a beer whose fragrance of fresh yeast with a light, flowery rosy touch is especially pleasant. Its flavour, not...
330ml Bottles £ 3.06
available 31st Oct 2014
Image of Chimay - Red Cap Chimay - Red Cap
Was £61.45 - Now £51.22
Chimay Rouge is noted for its coppery colour which makes it particularly attractive. Topped with a creamy head, it give...
330ml Bottles £ 2.13
Image of Coniston - Bluebird Bitter Coniston - Bluebird Bitter
Was £31.19 - Now £26.00
A single varietal hop beer. A good session ale with it's golden colour and light, clean, quality taste. An inviting ho...
500ml Bottles £ 2.17
Image of Coopers - Pale Ale Coopers - Pale Ale
Was £39.55 - Now £31.52
The ale for every occasion with its fruity and floral character, balanced with a crisp bitterness, Coopers Pale ale has ...
375 Bottles £ 1.31
Image of Coopers - Sparkling Ale Coopers - Sparkling Ale
Was £44.10 - Now £35.84
The ale by which all others should be measured with its famous cloudy sediment and a full bodied ale flavour with a disc...
375 Bottles £ 1.49
Image of Day Of The Dead - Amber Ale Day Of The Dead - Amber Ale
Was £42.54 - Now £35.96
Nice copper colour with a creamy head. It is a rich pleasant ale perfectly balanced between soft toffee and caramel no...
330ml Bottles £ 1.50
Image of Day Of The Dead - Blonde Ale Day Of The Dead - Blonde Ale
Was £40.78 - Now £34.50
This is a golden colour beer of excellent balance. It has a medium body, mild caramel sweetness and a soft pleasant bi...
330ml Bottles £ 1.44
Image of Day Of The Dead - IPA Day Of The Dead - IPA
Was £46.00 - Now £38.89
Copper colour, full bodied beer with rich malt tones perfectly balanced between a smooth and delicate sweetness and just...
330ml Bottles £ 1.62
Image of Day Of The Dead - Pale Ale Day Of The Dead - Pale Ale
Was £40.38 - Now £34.15
Amber colour with medium body, pleasant floral aroma with a distinctive bitterness and great character.
330ml Bottles £ 1.42
Image of Delerium - Nocturnum Delerium - Nocturnum
Was £70.00 - Now £59.23
Dark brown-red with a compact white-yellow, stable and lacing head. Touches of caramel, mocha and chocolate aromas, with...
330ml Bottles £ 2.47
Image of Delerium - Tremens Delerium - Tremens
Was £77.29 - Now £65.41
On December 26th 1988, the famous "Delirium Tremens" was born. The particular character and the unique taste t...
330ml Bottles £ 2.73
Image of Einstok - Doppelbok Einstok - Doppelbok
Was £52.94 - Now £48.89
Limited stock. Malted barley and chocolate tones define the traditional style, while the robust and long, mellow finish...
330ml Bottles £ 2.04
Image of Einstok - Pale Ale Einstok - Pale Ale
Was £1.90 - Now £1.57
American and Bavarian craft come together with the finest Icelandic water to create the Viking version of the Pale Ale, ...
330ml Bottles £ 1.58
Image of Flying Dog - Doggie Style Flying Dog - Doggie Style
Was £47.45 - Now £40.15
Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale is brilliant-amber in colour and dry hopped with buckets full of Cascades for an unrivalle...
355ml Bottles £ 1.67
Image of Flying Dog - Snake Dog Flying Dog - Snake Dog
Was £52.60 - Now £44.50
A Colorado-style India Pale Ale, power hopped with speciality hops from the Pacific Northwest. This is the brewery's ho...
355ml Bottles £ 1.85
Image of Founders - All Day IPA Founders - All Day IPA
Was £43.75 - Now £37.01
The beer you've been waiting for. Keeps your taste satisfied while keeping your senses sharp. An all-day IPA naturally...
355ml Bottles £ 1.54
Image of Founders - Centennial IPA Founders - Centennial IPA
Was £53.99 - Now £45.69
Get ready to bask in the glory of the frothy head's floral bouquet. Relish the citrus accents from the abundance of dry...
355ml Bottles £ 1.90
Image of Founders - Dirty Bastard Founders - Dirty Bastard
Was £68.45 - Now £57.92
So good it's almost wrong. Dark ruby in colour and brewed with seven varieties of imported malts. Complex in finish, w...
355ml Bottles £ 2.41
Image of Fullers - ESB Export 1 ReviewFullers - ESB Export
Was £19.29 - Now £16.35
First brewed in 1971, ESB is unrivalled in terms of its flavour and balance. A powerful 5.5% a.b.v. in cask (5.9% abv i...
500ml Bottles £ 2.04
Image of Fullers - Honey Dew Organic Fullers - Honey Dew Organic
Was £19.96 - Now £16.49
Organic Honey Dew, a light golden beer from Fuller's, is a naturally palatable brew, which is Soil Association approved ...
500ml Bottles £ 2.06
Image of Fullers - London Pride 2 ReviewsFullers - London Pride
Was £18.98 - Now £15.83
London Pride is a smooth and astonishingly complex beer, which has a distinctive malty base complemented by a rich balan...
500ml Bottles £ 1.98
Image of Gold Label Gold Label
Was £43.61 - Now £37.21
The one and only English barley wine.
330ml Cans £ 1.55
available 08th Nov 2014
Image of Goose Island - Honkers Ale Goose Island - Honkers Ale
Was £44.59 - Now £38.35
Inspired by visits to English country pubs, Honker's Ale combines a fruity hop aroma with a rich malt middle to create a...
35.5cl £ 1.60
Image of Goose Island - IPA Goose Island - IPA
Was £51.79 - Now £43.82
Goose Island IPA recalls a time when ales shipped from England to India were highly hopped to preserve their distinct ta...
35.5cl £ 1.83
Image of Goose Island - Matilda Goose Island - Matilda
Was £74.75 - Now £63.27
Wild in character, with a slightly fruity aroma and a spicy yeast flavour that is as unique as it is satisfying - Matild...
355ml Bottles £ 2.64
Image of Hiver Beers - The Honey Beer Hiver Beers - The Honey Beer
Was £50.59 - Now £43.53
Hiver is golden straw in colour and opens with an inviting honey aroma supported by a light roasted maltiness. By using...
330ml Bottles £ 1.81
Image of Innis & Gunn - Rum Cask Finish Oak Aged Beer Innis & Gunn - Rum Cask Finish Oak Aged Beer
Was £30.82 - Now £24.92
This brew is uniquely finished in Oak Casks that previously contained Rum, this imparts a sweet spicy flavour. This par...
330ml Bottles £ 2.08
Image of John Smiths - Extra Smooth John Smiths - Extra Smooth
Was £32.53 - Now £27.44
John Smith's Extra Smooth was launched in 1993 and is now the nation's number 1 ale. The boffins say it has a distinct ...
440ml Cans £ 1.14
Image of John Smiths - Original Bitter John Smiths - Original Bitter
Was £27.49 - Now £24.01
John Smith's bitter, which is still going strong, is a malty, bitter sweet ale with a slight fruitiness and a bitter aft...
440ml Cans £ 1.00
Image of Leffe - Blonde 1 ReviewLeffe - Blonde
Was £42.69 - Now £36.67
Leffe Blonde is a classic Abbey beer with smooth and well balanced fruity, warming flavours. The beer has hints of quinc...
330ml Bottles £ 1.53
Image of Liefmans - Cuvee Brut Kriek (Cherry) Liefmans - Cuvee Brut Kriek (Cherry)
Was £46.69 - Now £40.13
Made using a completely different method from Kriek Lambic, it is a combination of aged brown beer which is mixed with f...
375ml Bottles £ 3.34
Image of Liefmans - Fruit Liefmans - Fruit
Was £53.79 - Now £44.81
A unique, fresh beer blend which matures for 18 months on cherries in the Liefmans cellars, combining the natural juices...
330ml Bottles £ 1.87
Image of Little Creatures - Pale Ale Little Creatures - Pale Ale
Was £64.73 - Now £54.81
It's not just the hops that make Little Creatures Pale Ale what it is though. Selected malts are kilned in small batches...
330ml Bottles £ 2.28
Image of Mc Chouffe Mc Chouffe
Was £74.54 - Now £63.56
The Mc Chouffe is an unfiltered dark beer, which is re-fermented in the bottle as well as in the keg. Behind its frui...
330ml Bottles £ 2.65
Image of Meantime - London Pale Ale Meantime - London Pale Ale
Was £40.09 - Now £34.74
Limited stock. One hundred and fifty years ago the new bitter beer style, Pale Ale, was so popular that brewers had to ...
330ml Bottles £ 1.45
Image of Moosehead - Pale Ale Moosehead - Pale Ale
Was £35.14 - Now £27.59
Moosehead Pale ale is brewed with a premium 2 row barley malt and traditional top fermentation process to produce a flav...
341ml Bottles £ 1.15
available 08th Nov 2014
Image of Newcastle Brown Ale 1 ReviewNewcastle Brown Ale
Was £39.13 - Now £33.12
First brewed in 1927, Newcastle Brown Ale is a unique and stylish premium ale with a distinctive deep red colour and a r...
500ml Cans £ 1.38
Image of Newcastle Brown Ale Newcastle Brown Ale
Was £25.14 - Now £20.84
First brewed in 1927, Newcastle Brown Ale is a unique and stylish premium ale with a distinctive deep red colour and a r...
500ml Bottles £ 1.74
Image of Old Speckled Hen Old Speckled Hen
Was £18.41 - Now £15.69
This rich, strong ale is the drink for every occasion.
500ml Bottles £ 1.96
Image of Petrus - Blonde Ale Petrus - Blonde Ale
Was £40.99 - Now £34.78
Smooth, starts off sweet and finishes with a nice tart sourness. Rich in the aroma of yeast, malt and hops. Full of barl...
330ml Bottles £ 1.45
Image of Red Pig - Mexican Ale Red Pig - Mexican Ale
Was £36.25 - Now £30.37
This full bodied ale offers a very pleasant high bitterness, with smooth sweet malt character, creamy head with good car...
330ml Bottles £ 1.27
Image of Shepherd Neame - 1698 Celebration Ale Shepherd Neame - 1698 Celebration Ale
Was £17.00 - Now £14.37
First brewed in 1998 to celebrate Shepherd Neame's tercentenary, this copper-bronze, bottle conditioned beauty is an int...
500ml Bottles £ 1.80
Image of Shepherd Neame - Bishops Finger Shepherd Neame - Bishops Finger
Was £15.71 - Now £12.95
The dominant character of this premium alem is its generous, fruity flavour, reminiscent of bananas and pears with citru...
500ml Bottles £ 1.62
available 19th Nov 2014
Image of Shepherd Neame - IPA Shepherd Neame - IPA
Was £17.29 - Now £14.39
Hailing from the tradition of 18th Century IPAs, which relied on generous hopping to protect exports during arduous jour...
500ml Bottles £ 1.80
Image of Shepherd Neame - Masterbrew Shepherd Neame - Masterbrew
Was £12.99 - Now £10.34
This is the beer that Shepherd Neame is best known for in the brewery's Kentish heartland - a distinctive, mid-brown bit...
500ml Bottles £ 1.29
Image of Shepherd Neame - Spitfire 1 ReviewShepherd Neame - Spitfire
Was £15.98 - Now £11.77
Spitfire has been Shepherd Neame's runaway success story of the past decade, with soaring sales spurred by quirky World ...
500ml Bottles £ 1.47
Image of Shepherd Neame - Whitstable Bay Organic Shepherd Neame - Whitstable Bay Organic
Was £13.65 - Now £11.11
Sunset-gold in colour, Whitstable Bay combines delicate hints of fresh hops with the softer, buttery richness of pale an...
500ml Bottles £ 1.39
Image of Sierra Nevada - Pale Ale Sierra Nevada - Pale Ale
Was £58.04 - Now £48.02
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, is a delightful interpretation of a classic style. It has a deep amber colour and an exceptiona...
350ml Bottles £ 2.00
Image of Theakstons - Old Peculier Theakstons - Old Peculier
Was £17.45 - Now £14.77
A dark, strong beer Old Peculier is justifiably famous for its rich and complete character, its sheer strength and for b...
500ml Bottles £ 1.85
Image of Timmermans - Framboise (Raspberry) Timmermans - Framboise (Raspberry)
Was £31.24 - Now £26.47
Faithfully reflects the colour and flavour of ripe raspberries, with no trace of the acidity of lambic. This wonderful...
330ml Bottles £ 2.21
Image of Timmermans - Kriek (Cherry) Timmermans - Kriek (Cherry)
Was £30.00 - Now £25.41
Its flavour is entirely dedicated to the cherry, which is already felt from it very powerful nose. Its acidity is neutr...
330ml Bottles £ 2.12
Image of Timmermans - Strawberry Timmermans - Strawberry
Was £31.24 - Now £26.47
Its aroma evokes the perfumes of a lovely summer. Its strawberry flavour confirms the nose's impression without sweet...
330ml Bottles £ 2.21
Image of Timothy Taylor - Landlord Ale 1 ReviewTimothy Taylor - Landlord Ale
Was £19.15 - Now £16.22
A Classic Strong Pale Ale, Landlord has won more awards nationally than any other beer: This includes four times as Cha...
500ml Bottles £ 2.03
Image of Traquair - Jacobite 1 ReviewTraquair - Jacobite
Was £70.39 - Now £60.97
Brewed to celebrate the anniversary of the 1745 Jacobite rebellion the ale proved to be so popular it has become a perma...
330ml Bottles £ 2.54