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Image of Amrut - Cask Strength Amrut - Cask Strength
Nose: Classic house style with glorious bourbon notes fused with the richest of barley statements; not entirely unlike c...
70cl Bottle £ 42.64
Image of Amrut - Fusion Amrut - Fusion
Nose: Heavy, thickly oaked and complex: some curious barley-sugar notes here shrouded in soft smoke. Big, but seductivel...
70cl Bottle £ 38.77
Image of Amrut - Intermediate Sherry Amrut - Intermediate Sherry
Nose: Instead of the usual biscuit aroma, we now get moist cake. And my word: is it fruity and spicy!! Love the freshly ...
70cl Bottle £ 53.80
Image of Amrut - Single Malt 1 ReviewAmrut - Single Malt
Nose: Distinctly confidant liquorice-bourbon notes with near perfect bitter-sweet balance; burnt honeycomb and toffee al...
70cl Bottle £ 31.36