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Image of Aftershock - Hot & Cool 11 ReviewsAftershock - Hot & Cool
This cinnamon flavoured liqueur has proved immensely popular since its introduction. Normally drunk as a shooter.
70cl Bottle £ 23.34
available 12th Jun 2015
Image of Bernard Loiseau - Liqueur de Cassis Pain d'Epices Bernard Loiseau - Liqueur de Cassis Pain d'Epices
Purple colour with violet tints. Nose, orange and cinnamon subtly distinguished. In the mouth, opulent and deliciously...
70cl Bottle £ 21.76
Image of Bols - Gold Strike 1 ReviewBols - Gold Strike
Gold Strike (also known as Gold Wasser de Danzig) is a cinnamon gold-leaf liqueur made from a variety of imported woodla...
50cl Bottle £ 23.18
Image of Fireball - Cinnamon Whisky Liqueur Fireball - Cinnamon Whisky Liqueur
Fireball Cinnamon Whisky needs no introduction. If you haven't tried it yet, just imagine what it would be like to get...
50cl Bottle £ 13.90
available 01st Jun 2015
Image of Giffard - Cinnamon Giffard - Cinnamon
Pure sugar, thick, coloured and flavoured syrup. Aromatic and sweet flavour of the sweeter spice.
1 Litre Bottle £ 6.53
Image of Goldschlager 14 ReviewsGoldschlager
Clear with real gold flakes. Spicy, cinnamon aromas with alcohol vapours. The palate has a sweet, syrupy quality with ...
70cl Bottle £ 24.34
Image of Monin - Cannelle (Cinnamon) Monin - Cannelle (Cinnamon)
An essential cocktail ingredient of superb quality and tradition is what separates Monin's range from the rest renowned ...
70cl Bottle £ 8.26
Image of Wees Distillery - Cinnamon 1 ReviewWees Distillery - Cinnamon
Beautiful cinnamon from Ceylon is distilled and macerated iin order to make this delicate cinnamon liqueur. Rum brande...
50cl Bottle £ 24.68
Image of Wray & Nephew - Red Label Aperitif Wray & Nephew - Red Label Aperitif
In Jamaica this product is called Red Label Wine and is the country's biggest selling wine. Manufactured and bottled in...
70cl Bottle £ 6.77