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Image of Bacardi - 151 6 ReviewsBacardi - 151
Bacardi 151 rum is not for the faint hearted. 151 contains the craft and the authentic credentials of a great Bacardi ...
1 Litre Bottle £ 80.45
Image of Bundaberg - Overproof 3 ReviewsBundaberg - Overproof
Over-proofed and the genuine Australian article is a stronger tasting rum due in part to the larger ageing vessels and i...
70cl Bottle £ 29.14
available 18th Jun 2015
Image of Goslings - Black Seal 151 Proof 4 ReviewsGoslings - Black Seal 151 Proof
In the spring of 1806, London wine & spirits merchant James Gosling set out from England aboard the chartered clippe...
70cl Bottle £ 32.54
Image of J Bally - Blanc Agricole 1 ReviewJ Bally - Blanc Agricole
This unique white rum is produced from sugar cane, rather than molasses derived from sugar beet. French-speaking island...
70cl Bottle £ 27.98
Image of Plantation Rum - Dark Overproof Plantation Rum - Dark Overproof
The same rum as the Original Dark, but with additional flavours carried within the huge 73% abv alcohol. Incredibly sof...
70cl Bottle £ 34.45
available 07th Jun 2015
Image of Pussers - Blue Label Rum 54.5% 7 ReviewsPussers - Blue Label Rum 54.5%
Limited stock. Pussers Blue Label rum has, for more than 300 years, before the days of Admiral Nelson, wooden ships and...
70cl Bottle £ 32.36
Image of Rhum J.M - Agricole Gold Rhum J.M - Agricole Gold
Naturally aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months and then bottled at the Fonds-Préville distillery.
70cl Bottle £ 39.35
Image of St Aubin - Rhum Agricole St Aubin - Rhum Agricole
Rhum agricole is quite different from other rum in that it's not made from molasses, which is a by-product of sugar prod...
50cl Bottle £ 24.12
Image of Stroh - Original 80% 10 ReviewsStroh - Original 80%
Stroh symbolises Austrian tradition, taste and delight. Stroh fuels your fantasies in finishing thrilling desserts, fl...
50cl Bottle £ 26.83
Image of Wray & Nephew - OP 9 ReviewsWray & Nephew - OP
To the uninitiated, Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum is merely the top-selling high strength rum in the world. In...
70cl Bottle £ 26.89