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Image of Becks Becks
Not surprisingly, Becks is Germany's No 1 export beer. Brewed in Bremen since 1874 according to the German Purity law of...
500ml Cans £ 1.50
Image of Carling - Lager Carling - Lager
A clean cool palate and distinctive bite is down to their good old lightly kilned British malts, aromatic hops and Carli...
500ml Cans £ 1.23
Image of Carlsberg 2 ReviewsCarlsberg
First brewed in 1847 by J C Jacobson, the first Carlsberg brewery was built just outside the Copenhagen on a hill (berg ...
500ml Cans £ 1.16
Image of Carlsberg - Special Brew 1 ReviewCarlsberg - Special Brew
First brewed in 1847 by JC Jacobson, the first Carlsberg brewery was built just outside the Copenhagen on a hill (berg i...
500ml Cans £ 2.60
Image of Heineken 2 ReviewsHeineken
Heineken was created by a group of dedicated people pursuing the highest quality and craftsmanship in brewing. The Hei...
500ml Cans £ 1.56
available 18th Aug 2014
Image of Holsten Pils Holsten Pils
Holsten Pils is one of the UK's best loved premium packaged lagers. It is the authentic and original premium lager havin...
500ml Cans £ 1.26
available 24th Aug 2014
Image of Kronenbourg Kronenbourg
Kronenbourg 1664 is a lager with a noble history, characterized by its fine taste. Its golden hues and delicate bittern...
500ml Cans £ 1.37
available 24th Aug 2014
Image of Oranjeboom 1 ReviewOranjeboom
A delicious, easy-drinking Dutch drop with a hay-like hue and a herbaceous, grassy and fruity fragrance. Citrus notes ...
440ml Cans £ 1.32
available 04th Aug 2014
Image of Red Stripe Red Stripe
This pale-gold premium lager is the pride of Jamaica with its lightly-hopped full flavour taste.
484ml Cans £ 1.25
Image of Skol - Super Skol - Super
Skol Super is a deep blonde imperial strong lager with a sweet bitter lemon and lime fruity liqueur-like flavour and a w...
500ml Cans £ 2.47
Image of Stella Artois 4 ReviewsStella Artois
Stella Artois is renowned as a quality beer brewed for an average of 6-11 days longer than most other beers using the fi...
500ml Cans £ 1.35
available 24th Aug 2014
Image of Tennents - Super 4 ReviewsTennents - Super
A strong pale lager brewerd in Luton.
500ml Cans £ 2.66
available 24th Aug 2014