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Image of Angostura - 1919 8 Year Old 3 ReviewsAngostura - 1919 8 Year Old
A marvelous anejo made from a blend of light and heavy, molasses-based rums aged for a minimum of 8 years in charred Ame...
70cl Bottle £ 31.33
Image of Angostura - 5 Year Old Angostura - 5 Year Old
A blend of light and heavy rums distilled in Angostura's five-column continuous still. The rum is aged in American Oak B...
70cl Bottle £ 23.04
Image of Angostura - 7 Year Old Angostura - 7 Year Old
A blend of light and heavy rums distilled in Angostura's five-column continuous still. The rum is aged in American Oak B...
70cl Bottle £ 26.26
Image of Appleton - Estate VX 2 ReviewsAppleton - Estate VX
As the flagship brand of the Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum family, Appleton Estate V/X Jamaica Rum is the embodiment of th...
70cl Bottle £ 19.82
Image of Appleton - Special Appleton - Special
Appleton Special is a perfect blend of fuller-flavoured traditional pot and lighter column still rums. Medium bodied, e...
70cl Bottle £ 16.92
Image of Bacardi - Carta Oro Gold Rum 2 ReviewsBacardi - Carta Oro Gold Rum
Over 14 different rums aged between three to five years are blended together to make Bacardi Oro Rum. It is a premium, g...
70cl Bottle £ 22.39
Image of Bundaberg - Underproof 13 ReviewsBundaberg - Underproof
Bundaberg Rum is an Aussie icon: Australia's bestselling rum and the country's number one spirits brand. Think Oz, think...
70cl Bottle £ 20.93
Image of Chairmans Reserve - St Lucian Rum 7 ReviewsChairmans Reserve - St Lucian Rum
This rum is a blend of double distilled pot still and continuous still rums. The pot still richness comes through on t...
70cl Bottle £ 18.26
available 12th Dec 2015
Image of Clarkes Court - #37 Clarkes Court - #37
The Clarke's Court distillery has many years of experience in producing and blending rum. #37 is a very special blend, ...
70cl Bottle £ 49.79
Image of Clarkes Court - Old Grog 2 ReviewsClarkes Court - Old Grog
Clarke's Court Old Grog is an aged spirit that is copper-gold in colour, medium bodied, with a tropical fruit and spice ...
70cl Bottle £ 29.95
Image of Clement - 6 Year Old Clement - 6 Year Old
Gold Medal winner 2004 Brussels Spirits Awards. Named after the founder of Clemen, devoted to the passion and know-how...
70cl Bottle £ 72.92
Image of Diplomatico - Anejo Diplomatico - Anejo
Diplomatico Anejo is a fantastic smooth-sipping medium-weight golden rum, blended from a mix of continuous still and pot...
70cl Bottle £ 22.84
Image of Elements Eight - Gold Rum 1 ReviewElements Eight - Gold Rum
Rounded, complex nose of honeyed fruit, raisins and prunes. Good toasty oak aromas that are well integrated. Honeyed r...
70cl Bottle £ 29.02
Image of English Harbour - 10 Year Old English Harbour - 10 Year Old
English Harbour Rum is considered by many experts to be one of the finest blends of both dark and light Rum distilled in...
70cl Bottle £ 75.28
Image of English Harbour - 5 Year Old 1 ReviewEnglish Harbour - 5 Year Old
English Harbour Five year rum awarded a double gold award for the second consecutive year at the 2005 San Francisco Spir...
70cl Bottle £ 24.89
available 10th Dec 2015
Image of English Harbour - Vintage 1981 English Harbour - Vintage 1981
From the legendary stills of The Antiguan Distillery. English Harbour Antigua Rum 1981 Vintage, has a deep rich caramel...
70cl Bottle £ 150.14
Image of Flor de Cana - 4 Year Old Gold Flor de Cana - 4 Year Old Gold
Golden amber colour, this traditional 4 year old rum offers a medium body with a vanilla bouquet and delicious taste. E...
70cl Bottle £ 22.68
Image of Goslings - Gold Bermuda Rum 1 ReviewGoslings - Gold Bermuda Rum
For generations, the Gosling name has stood for smooth, complex and decidedly dark rums. But times, and tastes, change. ...
70cl Bottle £ 21.46
Image of Green Island - Spiced Gold Green Island - Spiced Gold
It's hardly surprising that Mauritius, being on the original spice route, would produce a spiced rum. The base for Spic...
70cl Bottle £ 24.17
Image of Havana Club - Anejo Especial Havana Club - Anejo Especial
Havana Club's sugar cane is grown in the most fertile of lands. It gives birth to one of the finest rums in the world: H...
70cl Bottle £ 19.00
Image of Inner Circle - Red Inner Circle - Red
This legendary brand of rum has now returned after nearly 16 years and is available for the enjoyment of rum drinkers ar...
70cl Bottle £ 21.60
Image of La Hechicera - Fine Aged Rum 1 ReviewLa Hechicera - Fine Aged Rum
La Hechicera (etch--ee--seh--rah) a premium Colombian rum, beautifully packaged with a harmonious blend of aged rums. A ...
70cl Bottle £ 39.26
Image of La Mauny - 1749 Ambre La Mauny - 1749 Ambre
Aged in oak for 18 months, this Rhum offers an appealing amber colour with delicate woody notes.
70cl Bottle £ 28.26
Image of La Mauny - Rhum VSOP La Mauny - Rhum VSOP
Ageing for 4 years in oak cask, this rum from Martinique acquires a wonderful balance and a superb harmony of aromas: sl...
70cl Bottle £ 47.40
Image of Matusalem - Clasico 10 Year Old 1 ReviewMatusalem - Clasico 10 Year Old
Matusalem Clasico is a premium golden rum, aged for ten years in Matusalem's solera system. Matusalem Gran Reserva is a...
70cl Bottle £ 24.36
Image of Matusalem - Solera 7 Year Old Matusalem - Solera 7 Year Old
Gold rum with a rich amber cast. This 7 year Solera aged premium rum is true to its Cuban rum heritage. Rich aromatics ...
70cl Bottle £ 22.78
Image of Mount Gay - Eclipse 3 ReviewsMount Gay - Eclipse
Mount Gay is one of the oldest rum in the world. Since 1703 this rum has been hand-crafted at the same location, using t...
70cl Bottle £ 19.69
Image of Pampero - Especial Pampero - Especial
Pampero Especial has a rich character, with notes of butter and toffee. Sip it straight, on the rocks, or mix it with ...
70cl Bottle £ 20.03
Image of Plantation Rum - Grande Reserve 5 Year Old Rum Plantation Rum - Grande Reserve 5 Year Old Rum
The flagship rum of the Plantation range. A beautifully balanced rum with coconut, vanilla and caramel, and a seductive...
70cl Bottle £ 25.32
Image of Rhum J.M - Tres Vieux Rhum Agricole XO Rhum J.M - Tres Vieux Rhum Agricole XO
Each year, a few barrels of Rhum JM are put aside and forgotten about to let time do its work. The result, a Rhum of sp...
70cl Bottle £ 52.32
Image of Ron Abuelo - Anejo 5 Year Old Ron Abuelo - Anejo 5 Year Old
Varela-Hermanos, a 3rd-generation Panamanian family distillery, produces Ron Abuelo, an authentic dark rum made from sug...
70cl Bottle £ 19.96
Image of Ron de Jeremy - Reserve Ron de Jeremy - Reserve
Ron de Jeremy Rum is an exceptionally well-balanced 7-year old rum from Panama. It has an inviting light amber colour wi...
70cl Bottle £ 37.84
Image of Santa Teresa - Claro Santa Teresa - Claro
Limited stock. Claro is a blend of carefully selected rums aged in white American oak for an average of three years. C...
70cl Bottle £ 18.47
Image of St Aubin - Rhum Agricole Vanile 1 ReviewSt Aubin - Rhum Agricole Vanile
This is the St Aubin 50% infused with vanilla, sugar cane syrup is added which reduces it down to 40% abv. The vanilla ...
50cl Bottle £ 22.32
Image of St Nicholas Abbey - 10 Year Old 5 ReviewsSt Nicholas Abbey - 10 Year Old
Nestled in the highlands of St Peter in Barbados is St Nicholas Abbey which was built in 1658 and has remained unchanged...
70cl Bottle £ 82.94
Image of St Nicholas Abbey - 5 Year Old St Nicholas Abbey - 5 Year Old
This artisanal 5 year old is one of the finest Bajan rums. The aged rum is hand-bottled straight from the barrel in an ...
70cl Bottle £ 62.58
Image of Takamaka - St Andre 8 Year Old Takamaka - St Andre 8 Year Old
Inspired by the rich heritage of La Plaine St Andre, this premium rum shows flavours of vanilla, marmalade and oak with ...
70cl Bottle £ 56.18
Image of Vieux Rum - Flamboyant Vieux Rum - Flamboyant
This is a blend of oak aged rum of up to seven years old. The oak used to age the rum are used Bourbon casks. On the f...
70cl Bottle £ 31.86

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