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Country of Origin
Country of Origin
Anguilla 1,   Antigua 4,   Australia 4,   Austria 3,   Barbados 17,   Belize 1,   Bermuda 5,   British Virgin Islands 5,   Caribbean 11,   Columbia 1,   Cuba 21,   Dominican Republic 11,   England 7,   Grenada 4,   Guadeloupe 1,   Guatemala 4,   Guyana 15,   Haiti 1,   India 1,   Jamaica 18,   Madagascar 4,   Martinique 15,   Mauritius 10,   Mexico 1,   Netherlands 1,   Nicaragua 6,   Panama 5,   Peru 2,   Scotland 1,   Seychelles 1,   Spain 1,   St Lucia 10,   Trinidad and Tobago 8,   UK 5,   USA 2,   Venezuela 13,   West Indies 1

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Image of Banks Rum - 5 Island Rum Banks Rum - 5 Island Rum
For this original blend, which combines pot-still and column-distilled rums, Arnaud de Trabuc married light Trinidadian ...
70cl Bottle £ 43.31
Image of Banks Rum - 7 Golden Age Rum Banks Rum - 7 Golden Age Rum
Creamy tropical fruit flavours and a light to medium body, Banks 7 Golden Age Rum has a complex cider quality, with hint...
70cl Bottle £ 49.18
Image of Black Tot - Last Consignment Black Tot - Last Consignment
Bottled from the Last Consignment of stock of Royal Naval Rum, which had been hidden in storage since Black Tot Day in 1...
70cl Bottle £ 603.52
available 18th Mar 2016
Image of Clarkes Court - Pure Jab Clarkes Court - Pure Jab
This is a high strength rum from Grenada, Clarke's Court Pure Jab is an un-aged expression that comes in a plastic bottl...
70cl Bottle £ 32.46
Image of Clarkes Court - Rhythm Clarkes Court - Rhythm
A flavoured white rum made from the tropical fruit, coconut. Soft and smooth is the melodious tune this truly sensatio...
70cl Bottle £ 24.82
Image of La Mauny - Extra Rubis La Mauny - Extra Rubis
A blend of six exceptional rhums ranging from 8 to 30 years old, this rich and aromatic melange has long lasting intensi...
70cl Bottle £ 149.50
available 18th Mar 2016
Image of Rhum St Barth - Chic Rhum St Barth - Chic
Chich was developed for the 'next level' of rhum drinker. At 40% alcohol (80 proof) it is a lot more palatable and flexi...
70cl Bottle £ 77.39
available 20th Feb 2016
Image of Rhum St Barth - Cool Rhum St Barth - Cool
At 50% (100 proof) this is the strongest of the rhum collection. The flavours have been smoothed out to give this rhum l...
70cl Bottle £ 65.81
Image of Ron Cubay - Carta Blanca 3 Year Old Ron Cubay - Carta Blanca 3 Year Old
Limited stock. Soft mouth feel, light creamy toffee balances black pepper spice with faint herbal dry vermouth notes. ...
70cl Bottle £ 21.19
Image of Ron Cubay - Cubay Reserva Especial 10 Year Old Ron Cubay - Cubay Reserva Especial 10 Year Old
Limited stock. Rich buttery vanilla fudge, gentle peppery spice and chocolate. Tobacco leaf, faint smoke, old leather,...
70cl Bottle £ 41.02
Image of The Duppy Share - Caribbean Rum The Duppy Share - Caribbean Rum
The Duppy Share is a balanced blend of premium rums from the beautiful Worthy Park Estate in Jamaica and the prestigious...
70cl Bottle £ 27.89