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Image of Bols - Genever Bols - Genever
Bols Genever is a new genever, inspired by an historic recipe created by Bols in 1820. This revolutionary genever with ...
70cl Bottle £ 26.36
available 07th Dec 2015
Image of No.3 - London Dry Gin 1 ReviewNo.3 - London Dry Gin
No.3 is the London Dry Gin distilled to a proprietary recipe of Berry Bros. & Rudd, London's oldest wine and spirit ...
70cl Bottle £ 37.44
available 07th Dec 2015
Image of Onder De Boompjes - Young Genever Onder De Boompjes - Young Genever
Creamer than it is malty. The 35% abv is noticeable at first on account of the lighter mouthfeel which builds as an oil...
70cl Bottle £ 24.37
available 14th Feb 2016
Image of Wees Distillery - Amsterdamsche Old Wees Distillery - Amsterdamsche Old
A refined combination of 100 malt wines, graindistilat and special herbs, that is distilled twice. This old geneva is ...
70cl Bottle £ 29.58
Image of Wees Distillery - Bay Wees Distillery - Bay
This bay gin is distilled and macerated from red, blue & black berries. An explosion of fruit to fill your glass, s...
70cl Bottle £ 21.29
available 06th Dec 2015
Image of Wees Distillery - Jonge Wees Wees Distillery - Jonge Wees
This geneva is a mixture of grain alcohol, pure malt wine and distilled malt wines. It's their simplest geneva, but co...
50cl Bottle £ 18.56
Image of Wees Distillery - Roggenaer Wees Distillery - Roggenaer
The Rogganaer could be described as and Eau-de-Vie of Rye, matured in wood. Rogganaer has a tender palate with a reco...
70cl Bottle £ 34.99
Image of Wees Distillery - Three Corners Wees Distillery - Three Corners
Following the London Dry gin style, A van Wees produce this smooth gin distilled with only juniper berries and lemons. ...
50cl Bottle £ 23.32
Image of Wees Distillery - Very Old Genever 2 ReviewsWees Distillery - Very Old Genever
Made of pure malt wine, distilled as the Amsterdams Oud, but with some different herbs and a different combination of ma...
70cl Bottle £ 34.09
Image of Wees Distillery - Very Old Genever 15 Year Old Wees Distillery - Very Old Genever 15 Year Old
The difference between 10 and 15 years on a cask is easy to taste once you drink them after each other. The 15 years r...
70cl Bottle £ 77.58
Image of Wees Distillery - Very Old Loyaal Wees Distillery - Very Old Loyaal
An intense luxurious genever made from 7 types of malt wine made of different corns.
70cl Bottle £ 42.00
Image of Zuidam - Dutch Courage Dry Gin Zuidam - Dutch Courage Dry Gin
Zuidam Dutch Courage Dry Gin is handcrafted in the distillery of the Van Zuidam Family where two generations of master d...
70cl Bottle £ 31.34
Image of Zuidam - Jonge Graan Genever Zuidam - Jonge Graan Genever
This Genever is a special recipe by Patrick van Zuidam. The mash made from equal parts of rye, corn and malted barley i...
70cl Bottle £ 24.13
Image of Zuidam - Korenwijn Zuidam - Korenwijn
Zuidam Korenwijn 1 year old is more delicate than Genever. Although it is distilled from the same selection of Malted B...
50cl Bottle £ 23.96

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