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Country of Origin
Country of Origin
Anguilla 1,   Antigua 4,   Australia 3,   Austria 3,   Barbados 15,   Bermuda 5,   British Virgin Islands 5,   Caribbean 7,   Columbia 1,   Cuba 22,   Dominican Republic 10,   England 9,   Grenada 5,   Guatemala 4,   Guyana 14,   Haiti 1,   Jamaica 19,   Madagascar 4,   Martinique 14,   Mauritius 10,   Mexico 2,   Netherlands 1,   Nicaragua 6,   Panama 4,   Peru 2,   Seychelles Islands 1,   Spain 1,   St Lucia 11,   Trinidad 4,   Trinidad and Tobago 6,   USA 2,   Venezuela 11,   West Indies 1

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Image of Chamarel - Premium White Rum Chamarel - Premium White Rum
Limited stock. Characterised by its exceptional aromas and long finish, the secret of this Premium Rum enhance in the m...
70cl Bottle £ 29.48
Image of Green Island - Spiced Gold Green Island - Spiced Gold
It's hardly surprising that Mauritius, being on the original spice route, would produce a spiced rum. The base for Spic...
70cl Bottle £ 25.84
available 12th Apr 2015
Image of Green Island - Superior Light Rum 1 ReviewGreen Island - Superior Light Rum
This rum has been around since 1960 and to this day remains in the same distinctive packaging. The rum is made from mol...
70cl Bottle £ 25.31
available 12th Apr 2015
Image of L'amitie - White Rum L'amitie - White Rum
This rum is made from fermented molasses put through a column still and left un-aged. This is a simple, uncomplicated r...
70cl Bottle £ 18.77
Image of New Grove - White Traditional Rum New Grove - White Traditional Rum
Professing subtle flavours of sugar cane and golden sugar, enhanced by fresh floral notes, this rum embodies the real &q...
70cl Bottle £ 22.97
Image of Pink Pigeon Pink Pigeon
Pink Pigeon is the premium Mauritian Rum hand crafted on the Medine Sugar Estate within the tropical island of Mauritius...
70cl Bottle £ 25.02
Image of St Aubin - Rhum Agricole St Aubin - Rhum Agricole
Rhum agricole is quite different from other rum in that it's not made from molasses, which is a by-product of sugar prod...
50cl Bottle £ 24.12
Image of St Aubin - Rhum Agricole Vanile 1 ReviewSt Aubin - Rhum Agricole Vanile
This is the St Aubin 50% infused with vanilla, sugar cane syrup is added which reduces it down to 40% abv. The vanilla ...
50cl Bottle £ 22.38
Image of Vieux Rum - Flamboyant Vieux Rum - Flamboyant
This is a blend of oak aged rum of up to seven years old. The oak used to age the rum are used Bourbon casks. On the f...
70cl Bottle £ 31.61