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Country of Origin
St Lucia
Country of Origin
Anguilla 1,   Antigua 4,   Australia 4,   Austria 3,   Barbados 17,   Belize 1,   Bermuda 5,   British Virgin Islands 5,   Caribbean 11,   Columbia 1,   Cuba 21,   Dominican Republic 11,   England 7,   Grenada 4,   Guadeloupe 1,   Guatemala 4,   Guyana 15,   Haiti 1,   India 1,   Jamaica 18,   Madagascar 4,   Martinique 15,   Mauritius 10,   Mexico 1,   Netherlands 1,   Nicaragua 6,   Panama 5,   Peru 2,   Scotland 1,   Seychelles 1,   Spain 1,   St Lucia 10,   Trinidad and Tobago 8,   UK 5,   USA 2,   Venezuela 13,   West Indies 1

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Image of 1931 Third Edition 1931 Third Edition
1931 third edition is a blend of casks containing distillates from three pot stills and a Coffey still. The casks select...
70cl Bottle £ 54.91
Image of Chairmans Reserve - Forgotten Casks 2 ReviewsChairmans Reserve - Forgotten Casks
On May 2 2007 St Lucia Distillers was struck by a major fire. Mercifully most of the distillery was spared but there we...
70cl Bottle £ 33.86
Image of Chairmans Reserve - Spiced Rum 1 ReviewChairmans Reserve - Spiced Rum
Deep mahogany colour with reddish tinges. Beautifully complex nose of bitter orange, nutmeg, cinnamon and sweet raisin...
70cl Bottle £ 21.54
Image of Chairmans Reserve - St Lucian Rum 7 ReviewsChairmans Reserve - St Lucian Rum
This rum is a blend of double distilled pot still and continuous still rums. The pot still richness comes through on t...
70cl Bottle £ 19.69
Image of Chairmans Reserve - White Label Chairmans Reserve - White Label
Chairman's Reserve White Label is a flavourful white rum, aged, like the other rums in the range, in bourbon barrels. ...
70cl Bottle £ 20.54
Image of Elements Eight - Barrel Infused Criollo Cacao Rum Elements Eight - Barrel Infused Criollo Cacao Rum
A sensuous and complex super premium rum that appeals to deluxe gold rum drinkers, spiced rum and liqueur drinkers. Age...
70cl Bottle £ 29.75
Image of Elements Eight - Gold Rum 1 ReviewElements Eight - Gold Rum
Rounded, complex nose of honeyed fruit, raisins and prunes. Good toasty oak aromas that are well integrated. Honeyed r...
70cl Bottle £ 29.02
Image of Elements Eight - Platinum Rum Elements Eight - Platinum Rum
Fresh, clean nose with hints of citrus and boiled sweets. Light bodied. Complex, balanced palate with fresh clean raisi...
70cl Bottle £ 29.64
Image of Elements Eight - Spiced Rum Elements Eight - Spiced Rum
Elements Eight 'Barrel Infused' Spiced Rum is a meticulously crafted, hand blended rum that is married with 10, all natu...
70cl Bottle £ 29.64
Image of Toz - White Gold Toz - White Gold
TOZ - So called, after the measurement of gold in troy ounces - 'Toz'. Toz White Gold is a blend of aged, premium rums....
70cl Bottle £ 31.90