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Czech Republic 4,   France 22,   Italy 1,   Switzerland 7,   UK 1

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Image of Angelique Angelique
Angelique is one of the first "vertes" to come from Switzerland since the ban on absinthe was lifted in 2005. ...
70cl Bottle £ 64.15
Image of Butterfly - Boston 1902 Butterfly - Boston 1902
Born in Boston, USA, around 1902, perfected in Switzerland in 2010, Butterfly offers the best of both old and new worlds...
70cl Bottle £ 59.62
available 25th Apr 2015
Image of Combier - Blanchette Combier - Blanchette
Blanchette, the original absinthe produced by Distillerie Combier (Saumur, France) circa 1900. Blanchette is a Swiss-st...
50cl Bottle £ 40.86
Image of La Fee - XS Absinthe Suisse Absinthe 1 ReviewLa Fee - XS Absinthe Suisse Absinthe
This extra superieure Swiss absinthe is a clear 'La Bleue' with a smooth texture and delicate anise and herb flavour tha...
70cl Bottle £ 90.40
Image of Mansinthe Mansinthe
Mansinthe is a natural absinthe, distilled from vermouth, aniseed, fennel and other fine herbs. Naturally, pre-sweeteni...
70cl Bottle £ 51.61
Image of Matter Luginbuhl - Duplais Matter Luginbuhl - Duplais
Absinthe Duplais is distilled by the Matter-Luginbuhl distillery and has the distinction of being the first 'verte' to b...
50cl Bottle £ 55.42
available 19th Apr 2015