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Image of Dale Degroff - Pimento Aromatic Bitters Dale Degroff - Pimento Aromatic Bitters
Dale DeGroff's Pimento Aromatic Bitters was created by blending pimento, a complex and layered spice, with a hint of ani...
150ml Bottle £ 10.55
available 03rd Mar 2015
Image of Dr Peychauds Dr Peychauds
In the early 1800's, Antoine Amedie Peychaud, an apothecary, gained fame in New Orleans not for the drugs he dispensed, ...
5 FL OZS £ 7.93
Image of Fee Brothers - Aztec Chocolate Fee Brothers - Aztec Chocolate
Ancient Aztecs would celebrate with a bitter beverage made from cacao beans, peppers and spices. Use a few drops to Fee...
150ml Bottle £ 8.83
Image of Fee Brothers - Black Walnut Bitters Fee Brothers - Black Walnut Bitters
A rich and nutty unique flavour, the perfect way to add a whole new twist to classic recipes.
150ml Bottle £ 9.05
Image of Fee Brothers - Celery Fee Brothers - Celery
If you're looking for a way to add extra zing to a cocktail, look no further than Fee Brothers Celery Bitters, the lates...
150ml Bottle £ 9.11
Image of Fee Brothers - Cherry Fee Brothers - Cherry
The re-birth of a historical cocktail ingredient. Use a dash or two to enhance a cocktail with its strong fruit flavour...
150ml Bottle £ 8.95
Image of Fee Brothers - Cranberry Fee Brothers - Cranberry
Use a few dashes of Fee's Cranberry Bitters to add an interesting background flavour to your cocktails.
150ml Bottle £ 9.00
Image of Fee Brothers - Grapefruit Fee Brothers - Grapefruit
Another weapon in the arsenal of a creative bartender. The great citrus taste of Grapefruit combined with the classic s...
150ml Bottle £ 9.76
Image of Fee Brothers - Lemon Fee Brothers - Lemon
Lemon Bitters Cocktail flavouring, prepared from a variety of carefully selected lemon oils, augmented with Lemon Grass ...
150ml Bottle £ 11.63
Image of Fee Brothers - Mint Fee Brothers - Mint
The fresh taste of mint when you don't have mint leaves handy. Great in a Mint Julep or a Mojito.
150ml Bottle £ 10.88
Image of Fee Brothers - Old Fashioned Aromatic Fee Brothers - Old Fashioned Aromatic
The classic Bitters used in every bar. A necessary ingredient in a Manhattan or a Planter's Punch and so many more dri...
150ml Bottle £ 9.67
Image of Fee Brothers - Orange Fee Brothers - Orange
This old cocktail ingredient went unnoticed for years, until recently. A new interest in classic cocktails has brought i...
150ml Bottle £ 9.20
available 08th Mar 2015
Image of Fee Brothers - Peach Fee Brothers - Peach
Another long lost cocktail ingredient enjoying new interest. Try Peach Bitters in a Coronation or a Xeres. Your drinks...
150ml Bottle £ 8.78
Image of Fee Brothers - Rhubarb Fee Brothers - Rhubarb
The delicate flavour of Rhubarb combined with other flavours available in 1800's America.
150ml Bottle £ 8.96
available 07th Mar 2015
Image of Fee Brothers - Whiskey Barrel Aged Fee Brothers - Whiskey Barrel Aged
Limited stock. Freshly emptied oak whiskey barrels from Tennessee, interiors charred and soaked with aged whiskey, are ...
150ml Bottle £ 15.08
Image of Regans - Orange Regans - Orange
Looking for the perfect Orange Bitters to use in your next cocktail? Here's the one to try. They add a delightful co...
5 FL OZS £ 7.78