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Lanique is a liqueur spirit that is rich in history and versatile in drinks. But first, we need to address the colour. It’s pink, vibrant pink. The colour, which is natural, comes from the key ingredient in Lanique; Attar of Rose – the ingredient that gives it such a unique nose and taste.

Pub quiz fact: Attar of Rose is created by steam distilling thousands of rose petals, Lanique's are sourced from the East. Due to the amount of rose petals needed to create just a small amount of liquid, Attar of Rose is more expensive than gold in terms of weight!

Lanique was first discovered and enjoyed over 200 years ago. It was the drink of choice amongst elite societies in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, the Austrian Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia, where it took pride of place at their celebrations and grand balls.

The drink remained a firm favourite all the way through to the roaring ‘20s, but with the start of the Second World War and the rise of Communism, the production of Lanique ceased and the drink was almost consigned to the pages of history.

With the fall of Communism and the re-opening of Eastern Europe, curators found themselves unearthing the fascinating history of Lanique and it long-lost recipe. After years of work by dedicated artisans, Lanique was finally available for people to enjoy again.

Lanique is now owned by entrepreneur Lawrence Huggler, who has updated and redesigned the bottle and label to reflect the rich history and quality of the drink. He fell in love with the drink when it was served to him in the hotel bar that he owns. Years later the opportunity arose (groan!) for Lawrence to purchase Lanique and now, he’s coming up roses! (again- groan!).

We mentioned previously that Lanique is a versatile drink. Here are a number of ways that Lanique can be enjoyed:

Lanique & Lime: The ultimate signature serve of Lanique. The fresh lime complements the natural aroma and taste of Lanique whilst the lime’s bitterness works to balance the sweet Lanique tones. Method: Add lots of crushed ice into a tumbler glass with 50ml Lanique, a quarter of lime and fresh lime juice.  A dash of soda can be added to taste.

Lanique Fizz: Method: Add 20ml Lanique, 2-3 dashes of The Bitter Truth Chocolate Bitters into a Champagne flute and top with Prosecco/sparkling wine. Garnish with a grapefruit twist.

Lanique Negroni: Method: Add all the ingredients into a Cognac or balloon glass with cubed ice. Add lemon twist but first spray the lemon oil into the glass and then drop it in.  Stir the 40m of Lanique, 40ml Campari and 40ml of sweet vermouth. Add more ice to stop it diluting.

Mint Fizz: Fresh mint combined with Lanique delivers a crisp and exciting cocktail. With the addition of bitterness from the Cointreau and a splash of Champagne, this is a stylish and refreshing long drink. Method: Muddle the mint into a tall glass. Add 25ml of Lanique and 15ml of Cointreau into a shaker and shake. Pour into the tall glass with the muddled mint, add crushed ice, top up with Champagne and stir.


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