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When our summer finally arrives, rather than the teasing sun we have had so far, for some there can be no better a long drink than a Spritz.

They are a delicious mix of an aperitif, such as Aperol, poured over ice, before adding Prosecco and then soda water. This libation evolved from the more simple 'spritzer', where only still wine and a splash of soda water was served, allowing for a refreshing drink which did not pack such an alcoholic punch.

For many of our European friends, a Spritz is as commonplace as a G&T here in the UK, and is one enjoyed equally by both men and women, something the UK may never achieve where men prefer not to be seen with a such a 'girlie' concoction especially if served in a wine glass, although a rocks glass would be an equally acceptable serve, and thus potential male drinkers can still be lured.

The Aperol Spritz is very easy-drinking for most, despite a mild bitterness, hence the sweet addition of an orange slice to offset this.

One could replace the Aperol with the more taste-challenging aperitifs of Cynar, Campari or an Amaro, giving the long serve of a Spritz more depth of flavour and character.

More and more bars across the UK are offering Spritz choices to their drink menus, at a time when many brand owners of Italian aperitifs and prosecco are spending cash, promoting their own perfect serve, whilst at the same time are keen to see bartenders take the format of the traditional Spritz and move it forward by formulating their own styles, maybe to reflect a less European offering with one more suited to their British clientèle.

Identifying a gap in the UK market, Kamm and Sons, was launched five years ago. A ginseng, hibiscus, manuka honey, elderflower and grapefruit spirit with a perfect serve called the Brit Spritz.

Next time you're having a BBQ or dinner, or inviting friends round before heading out, put the effort in and have the ice and fruit garnishes ready, before impressing them with a Spritz of sophistication with a fabulous taste.


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