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It’s a modern day dilemma - it’s your turn to have your friends round for dinner, but you have exhausted your repertoire of tasty and reliable recipes, and you want to wow them with something a bit different. But what?

Spanish food is happening all around the UK, with Tapas bars, sherry bars and smart, award-winning restaurants crammed to the rafters with diners enjoying pan con tomate, arroz negro, slow cooked lamb and croquetas. Chorizo, olives and jamon are on the shelves of every supermarket, and we merrily sup on thousands of bottles of Rioja. Yet we still don’t as a nation feel terribly confident about rustling up a Spanish feast at home.

In northern Spain, they approach eating with friends quite differently. Instead of one person cooking for everyone else, they do it together and make it part of the occasion. Gastronomic societies, known locally as Txokos, (pronounced chock –ohs), are formed by groups of friends – usually men – who share a passion for good food. They cook together, eat together, talk and even sing together – all helped along with some great wine.

One such group of friends believed that they could produce great wines to complement their culinary prowess. The result was Bodegas Beronia, the multi award-winning winery which is now recognised as one of the finest Rioja brands in Spain.

They are going back to their roots with the launch of the Beronia Txoko Club, where they aim to share the passion for fantastic Spanish food, to bring you delicious, authentic Spanish dishes that you can easily re-create at home to share with your friends over a glass of Beronia Rioja.  

There are a series of simple to follow recipes, cookery demonstrations, Txoko events in restaurants and shops, and lots of news and ideas, so there’s no excuse to be stumped for dinner ideas!

The events taking place up and down the country showcase Beronia's stunning Rioja wines whilst giving people the opportunity to create their very own Basque culinary delights and, although Txokos may have been male only affairs in Spain in the 1970s, everyone will be welcomed with open arms, though ladies sometimes disguise themselves behind a stylish moustache to complement the dashing black Basque berets or txapelas for the fully authentic txoko experience!

To take part, or to find out more, visit their website -

In the meantime, if you're in the mood for some Spanish cooking and looking for accompanying wines, all Bodegas Beronia wines can be found below:


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