The Bitter Truth About Cocktail Bitters

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You know, that bottle that sits on the drinks trolley or cabinet but barely gets a look in? Well hopefully this post will change all of that.

One sure fire way to excellent drinks and cocktail mastery is by using cocktail bitters, specifically, the range from The Bitter Truth.

It’s fair to say that most people have cocktail bitters in their drinks repertoire but are often too nervous to use them or are unsure how to use them.

In bars across the world, bartenders think of them as the spice rack for their bar or seasoning for their drinks. You wouldn’t think of not adding salt and pepper to season your meal and it’s the same for drinks, except you’d add cocktail bitters. Just a few dashes does the trick.

The Bitter Truth was set up by two former bartenders, Stephan Berg and Alexander Hauck, the range was created with the intention of supplying the bar world with cocktail bitters that have not been seen in over a century.

Both men gained experience in making bitters by working as bartenders themselves and making small batches of cocktail bitters for the bars they represented. For years Stephan has been collecting ancient cocktail books and authentic bitters from the late 19th and early 20th century, and these were the inspiration for their first choice of cocktail bitter flavours. Alexander, who is also a graphic designer, created the distinctive look and feel of the packaging.

The bitters are specifically designed for recreating classic drinks made true to the original recipe or for experimentation with modern cocktail creations. Here’s what you need to know about The Bitter Truth Range of Bitters and Liqueurs:

The Bitter Truth Range of Bitters and Liqueurs are all made with natural flavours. Made using traditional manufacturing process which are based on authentic recipes. It is the most awarded bitters range. Available in 200ml bottle and uses a dasher instead of a dropper. Core set of bitters that compliment any cocktail. They include The Bitter Truth Orange Bitters, The Bitter Truth Old Time Aromatic Bitters, The Bitter Truth Celery Bitters and The Bitter Truth Creole Bitters.

It’s very easy to use the bitters and we’ve included some simple cocktail serves and suggestions to show you just how easy, yet impactful adding bitters to drinks, can be.

The Bitter Truth Range of Bitters and Liqueurs celebrates its 10th birthday this year and we are celebrating with 20% off!


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