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Zoran's Bio

  • Date of Birth: 7th July 1970
  • Birth place: Belgrade
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Eye colour: Brown
  • Nationality: Serbian

In London since 1996.

Work experience mainly 5* hotels - Landmark, Sofitel, Firmdale Hotels and D&D (The Conran Group) as latest venture at their venues, Royal Exchange, Skylon and Quaglinos.

Was involved with UKBG as a committee member for few years and as London chairman for a year.

Managing director of RealMix Ltd.

Signature cocktails

Q & A

What do you as a mixologist think about beer? Any brews of note for you?
My first choice of the evening would be a beer.

If you could offer a couple of short pieces of advice to the average bartender, what would they be?
Learn your classics. Be happy and smile more. Learn about your products. Don't drink too much.

Surely you have some pet peeves about bartenders -- care to share?
People entering our world of bartending, just to cover the costs of living.

As a mixologist/consultant, you work directly with many restaurants on their drink menus -- describe the parts of this process.
You need to understand the product and theme of the bar or restaurant, and then start creating drink list. Also think about working closely with the head chef.

How did you get started?
As a bartender back home - a long time ago!

How were you trained in bartending?
My first serious training was at the Landmark Hotel.

Did you take any courses?

What are some trends you're seeing in the market?
Gin, tequilas and new spirit categories are the latest trends.

What's your process for creating a new cocktail?
It really depends on many aspects, sometimes it's an instant creation and sometimes it is work in progress and you could have many different versions until you finalise the right one.

What is your favorite cocktail to drink? To make?
To drink: vintage rum old fashioned. To make: a twist on an old fashioned.

What are some of your favorite tools?
Mixing glass, shaker and juicer.

What is your favorite mixology resource?
My creativity, imagination and nature.

What does success mean for you?

What are some current trends you've seen in the cocktail market?
Gin is booming as a category, thanks to cocktails. Classic cocktails are trendy again.

What goes into creating a cocktail? And what inspired you in the first place?
Passion, fresh products and premium spirits.

What is your favorite drink to make?
Twist on an old fashioned.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
In London.

If you weren't in the drinks industry, what do you think you would be doing now?
Wasting my time in Belgrade, probably. Practicing with my band and making Negronis.

Your hangover cure?
Hmmm....Shepherds pie and a pint of bitter.

Your biggest career influencer?
My father.

First drink you ever tried?
Milk, I guess.

We've all had a bad experience with at least one drink. What drink do you most avoid?
Absinthe. Never again

£10m comes to you. What do you do next?
Fly on Virgin Galactic.

Bar or cellar at home?
Bar and cellar.

Favourite beer?
John Smiths.


Dark spirits.

Cask 23 old fashioned.

Fav Bar and restaurant?

World location?

Fav film?
Fight club.

Pure Cult.

The Cult.


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