The New Hoxton Gin

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Hoxton Gin is the brainchild of a bartender immersed in the creative juices of Hoxton. Gerry Calabrese had the idea of recreating a classic; to create a fun gin that’s like no other on the market; one that’s smooth, easy and different from the rest - a gin with attitude. With this in mind, he created Hoxton Gin. It takes the classic juniper driven character and adds something exotic; distilled with coconut and grapefruit, hoxton gin is uniquely smooth and rounded, opening up gin to a whole new world of drinking and cocktail possibilities.

Hoxton Gin reinvigorates classic cocktails and combinations such as the Tom Collins and even the essential gin and tonic with a stunningly contemporary twist. Its originality is such that it also works brilliantly with mixers as diverse as cranberry juice and even dry ginger ale. But the true test is to try it on its own. This is a spirit so fine, there’s no need to dress it up. That’s why Gerry’s signature cocktail is the Naked Martini, from the freezer into an ice cold martini glass.

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Peter Batts 2016-08-27 17:47:28

Great flavour,if you like Gin it's a mustGive it a try with ice, cucumber and tonic