Celebrate 'Talk Like a Pirate' Day

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All around the world and even hundreds of miles above it, people celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day - 19th September.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day is the only holiday on the calendar that encourages people to babble like buccaneers for the sheer, anarchic fun of it. It’s been celebrated by millions of people on all seven continents - yes, even at the South Pole - and on the International Space Station!

The holiday was the brainchild (if that’s the right word) of John Baur and Mark Summers, two friends from Albany, Ore., who were playing racquetball when, for reasons that aren't clear to either of them now, they started insulting each other in pirate jargon. They decided to start Talk Like a Pirate Day, and picked September 19th because it is Summers' ex-wife's birthday. The date was stuck in his head and he wasn't doing anything with it anymore, so it would be easy to remember, Summers said.


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