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Filippo's Bio

  • Date of Birth: 26th August
  • Birth place: Sardinia
  • Height: 174cm
  • Eye Colour: Green
  • Nationality: Italian

"I began my career by training as a mixologist at Scott's Oyster and Champagne bar in Mayfair. I was trained by a Senior Barman and I was taught how to create all of the classic cocktails, which is vital when learning to be a mixologist. It was here I learned how to create the perfect Martini. I learned how to provide a luxury, quality service to customers especially as the bar served guests such as Sir Roger Moore, who visited multiple times each week.

After eight years in London, I went back to Italy for a year where I worked as Bar Manager at Hotel Sighientu in Sardinia. I then returned to London where I worked at the Royal Opera House bar inside the theatre, which was then owned by Searcys. Here I worked on everything from service to arranging parties and events.

I moved back to Mayfair where I worked as Assistant Manager at exclusive private members' club Morton's. I worked here for seven years creating luxury cocktails. I have also worked at Home House Portman Square before joining London Steakhouse Co. Chelsea."

Awards, Accolades and Trophies

"During my time at private members’ club Morton’s it was named the Best Club in London in 2014/2015."

Claim to Fame

I am also an artist. I create 3D motions from recycled materials. I am a very creative person and love to create pieces of art and I also bring this passion into my cocktails.

Q & A

How did you get started in bartending? I used to go to a bar close to my house in Italy where we would play with liqueurs. When I arrived in London I was given the chance to practice more.

How were you trained in bartending? I was trained through creating classic cocktails at Scott's in Mayfair. There I tried creating various cocktails and made a lot of Martinis! I learned to create different types of Martinis from a Vesper to a Gibson to a Dry Martini.

Which bars have you worked in? Oyster and Champagne bar, Royal Opera House, Morton's, Home House and Scott's Mayfair.

What top tip would you share with other bartenders in mid-career? You need to be creative!

What's your main inspiration when it comes to creating new cocktails? The weather is my main inspiration when it comes to creating new cocktails.

What are your favourite in-trends in cocktail lists right now? Negroni is my favourite cocktail trend at the moment.

What style of cocktails do you really enjoy creating? I love creating Martinis, straight up with a different garnish.

What are some of your favourite tools? The cocktail spoon is my favourite tool as you can do so many things with it!

What is your favourite mixology resource? Culture. Cocktails flavours and colours are all inspired by different cultures.

What does success mean for you? Success is making everyone happy and making people smile! If you provide good service and make people smile, then you are successful!

Where do you see yourself in five years? I see myself in front of the ocean in a villa in the Caribbean...but then I'll have to go back to work the week after!

If you weren't in the drinks business, what do you think you would be doing now? I do it already! I would continue my work as an artist and playing electric guitar which are my two other passions.

Your biggest career influencer? Salvatore Calabrese as he is the best mixologist on the planet.

First drink you ever tried? A Single malt whisky, and I loved it!

Which kind of drinks have been your one-offs - that you wouldn't try drinking or making again? And why?! After dinner cocktails, you should be drinking a digestive instead.

Your hangover cure? An English breakfast!

Favourite cocktail? Negroni.

Spirit? Whisky & Cognac.

Style of wine? A full-bodied Bordeaux wine.

Beer? Japanese beer.

Bar? The Bar at The Dorchester.

Restaurant? Japanese restaurant ROKA.

City in the world? London and New York.

Film? Once Upon a Time in America.

Book? Californiacation.

Singer/band? The Rolling Stones.

£10 million comes to you. What do you do next? I would travel around the world and end up at that villa by the ocean in the Caribbean.


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