Wales Forever

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Lets put aside any 6 Nations rivalry for the moment and raise a glass to everything Welsh. In particular, to the wonderful gin and whisky that is now being produced in Cyrmu. The Welsh Whisky Company launched it's fabulous Penderyn Single Malt on St David's Day 2004 and was an instant hit with whisky experts and occasional imbibers. Eccentric Gin produce small batch craft gins with innovative results and we're a fan of their Cardiff Dry, a new style of gin chosen by the people of South Wales.

Most of the last century was a dry one for Wales, alcohol production ceased in 1910 and didn't pick up again until 1990! Thank goodness it did as it now means we can enjoy St David's day (1st March) in style. Cymru am byth (come-ree am-bith) means Wales forever, or long live Wales so let's celebrate this with a special offer on our Welsh tipples.


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