The Bear Is Back!

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Following a 13-year hibernation, Hofmeister has returned with a brand new look and taste. Hofmeister is an authentic 5% Helles lager, brewed in Bavaria from the finest locally sourced ingredients.

Having spent many a year sourcing beers from around the world it occurred to Spencer Chambers and Richard Longhurst that Bavarian Helles was under represented in the UK. Considering that 6m people a year head to Munich to drink Helles at the Oktoberfect, it seemed like a great idea to awaken the bear and put him back in his rightful home; the Bavarian forest! So in late 2015 they bought the brand from Heineken and set about finding a brewery good enough to brew Hofmeister Helles!

After taste-testing their way around Bavaria, they came across Privatbrauerei Schweiger, a charming fourth generation family-owned brewery nestled on the edge of the Ebersberger Forest. Hofmeister Helles is brewed according to the 500 year old Reinheitsgebot, the German Beer Purity Law, and our Helles is made using the best local ingredients. Pure mineral water drawn from the brewery well, locally-grown barley, malted on site at the brewery to ensure the very best quality and award-winning Hallertau hops are the only ingredients you will find in Hofmeister Helles.

This brilliant beer is slow brewed colder for longer, lagered for as long as it takes to create just the best Helles you could possibly find - It’s ready when it’s ready!


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