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Double Dutch is a new brand of five premium award-winning soft drinks that combine unusual flavours inspired by molecular gastronomy and the craft of mixology. These low-calorie and 100% natural drinks are specifically designed to enhance the taste of higher-quality spirits or to thrill the palate when enjoyed on their own.

The Double Dutch founders, Joyce and Raissa, were raised in the Netherlands, the birthplace of Jenever which has spread worldwide as gin. So it’s no surprise the Double Dutch twins have a natural affinity with superlative drinks and excellent blendings. But this love affair led to frustration for the twins- while the global market in alcohol has led to better quality and more choice - mixers and sodas designed to accompany spirits remain bland and unexciting.

Double Dutch is the result of an ambition to unite great spirits with complementary mixers as the duo believes it makes every bit of sense to have a soft drink specifically designed to respond with the flavours of high-quality spirits.. Their pioneering attitude and innovative beverage brand earned them a Foodpreneur award by Richard Brandson, who knows potential when he sees it.

What Double Dutch offers is a totally novel way to mix drinks. The flavours are based on experimental food pairing techniques, combining ingredients with complementing key components. Double Dutch currently offers 5 products:

Cucumber & Watermelon - Slightly sweet with a refreshing finish. Perfect mixer for dry gins and fizzes, surprisingly delicious with light rum.

Pomegranate & Basil - Herbaceous aroma with tone of tannin and anise. Works fantastic with herbaceous gins or tequilas.

Indian Tonic Water - Delicate taste with a hint of pink grapefruit and juniper berries that makes a perfectly light G&T that even tonic water haters will enjoy.

Skinny Tonic Water - A similar recipe to the classic Indian Tonic Water but with 60% fewer calories and a slightly dryer finish.

Cranberry Tonic Water - Bitter notes with a deep and warm finish. Blends fantastically with smokey drinks such as Mescals or Bourbon.

It shouldn’t come as surprise Double Dutch won in the category of best premium or adult drink at the World Beverage Innovation Awards 2016.


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