Coffee and Alcohol?

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Coffee and alcohol? The two were made to go together, at least that’s what Tom Baker and Philip Moore, the creators of Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur thought when they created the drink that’s taking the bar scene by storm, and we are more than inclined to agree!

Mr Black was created by two regular guys who, quite simply, wanted to give Australians a new excuse - and a new way - to drink coffee. Brought together by their love of bitter, black beverages, the two shared an ambition to create a world-class bottle of boozy, steel-cut, caffeinated perfection. A few short years later, that dream has become a living, extremely drinkable reality.

With a gold medal at the International Wine and Spirits Competition under their belt, the duo launched Mr Black to Australian bars in 2013. September 2015 saw Mr Black land on our shores and since then, the cold press coffee liqueur has marched a path to the top shelf of the nation’s best cocktail bars, restaurants, nighclubs and coffee shops.

Every process in the making of Mr Black is handled at the tiny distillery on the central coast of Australia; from the sourcing of the coffee beans to the grinding of the coffee and the bottling of Mr Black (300 bottles at a time). This process, laid down by Tom and Philip, ensures they are producing the best tasting Mr Black day in and day out.

Mr Black is entirely cold-extracted with no addition of flavourings, caramels or vanillas.  The cold extraction - 23 degrees in the case of Mr Black - results in a less acidic brew with a rounder mouthfeel and big coffee flavour - perfect for creating a liqueur that stands up to blending with spirits, which is exactly what Mr. Black does.  

As you’d expect with a co-creator who is a designer, the bottle that houses Mr Black is also a work of art. On the back of the bottle is an illustration from Australian artist Dale Bigeni which details a striking owl design. The further you explore the depths of this dark delicious liquid, more of the bottle design is revealed.

As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait and with Mr Black that’s certainly the case. The process to make Mr Black is a slow one.

The Coffee - single origin Arabica coffee beans from Ethiopia, Brazil and Papua New Guinea are chosen for their distinctive flavours to create a house blend. Low and slow - cold extraction produces a full-flavoured coffee without the acidity and eye-squinting bitterness of an espresso Cold press - a basket press is used to extract the rich liquid from inside the coffee infusion. Time consuming yes, but worth every minute. Coffee over spirit - the cold press coffee is then blended with pure Australian grain spirit, which allows the rich flavour of the coffee blend to shine through.

Tom Baker, Co-creator of Mr Black said: “Mr Black is truly like no other coffee product in the drinks industry. We’re absolute purists when it comes to our product and spend more time thinking about coffee and spirits than anyone else out there. We love coffee - it pumps though our veins. Plenty of people make coffee liqueurs, but it’s just another flavour to them - an ingredient for cocktails. Mr Black is the star of the show - a heavy pour over a lump of ice and people pretty quickly get what we’re about.”

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