Funkin Cocktails In Seconds

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Author: TheDrinkShop
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We've all been there - stuck in the kitchen for hours making cocktails and spending a fortune on individual ingredients and equipment, not really knowing what to make. The new Funkin Shakers allow you to impress all your guests with incredible taste and theatre, but leave you with more time to focus on the party.

Forget fiddling around with bar equipment, buying expensive ingredients and over-powering poorly made mixed drinks, enjoying and making top quality cocktails is now quicker and easier than ever before, thanks to the new range of pre-batched Funkin Cocktail Shaker Mixers.

Combining premium quality cocktail mixers with a unique disposable cocktail shaker the new range of Funkin Cocktail Shaker Mixers include everything at home cocktail fans need to create perfectly balanced, chilled cocktails at home.

Ensuring everybody can create and enjoy great looking, great tasting cocktails, no matter where they are or what their skill level is, cocktail lovers can simply add their spirit of choice, ice and get shaking for the perfect cocktail in seconds - it's as simple as that.

The range is available in three delicious flavours. The award winning incredibly fruity Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri. Passion Fruit Martini to give consumers a solution to enjoy Porn Star Martini's at home. The range also includes a low-calorie Skinny twist on the nation's favourite cocktail, the Mojito. Made with Stevia, Skinny Mojito is just 100 calories per serving when made with a single measure of white rum, it's the ideal choice for cocktail aficionados wanting to feel less guilty when indulging.

The built-in measuring cap and a measure line window both allow for the correct spirit measurement, whilst a built-in strainer perfectly filters the chilled cocktail from the shaken ice. Each shaker contains four servings and will last for nine months unopened.


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