Anno 60 Squared Award Winning Gin From Kent

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Anno Distillers are pleased to announce that their high strength gin, 602, has been awarded a silver medal at the 17th San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Anno 602 was judged in the gin category, going up against many different styles of gin such as London Dry and Old Tom. This is the second award for 602 which also won the Specialist Drinks category at the 2016 Taste of Kent Awards. The 602 now joins Anno Distillers Kent Dry Gin as an internationally recognised, multi-award winning product.

To celebrate 602 winning silver medal, all Anno gin is now on special offer!

Anno 602 was originally released as a limited edition of 1000 bottles to celebrate founders Andy and Norman's 60th birthdays. However, the overwhelmingly positive response we received from consumers means that it’s here to stay. As Anno 602 Gin was a celebratory release, Anno Distillers made sure that the flavour literally bursts in the mouth by combining a selection of local hops, woody botanicals, and enticing spices to give a fantastically deep over proof spirit. Despite being 60% abv, this spirit is still delightfully smooth on the palate, yet big, bold and woody in the mouth. Enjoy the taste of 602 as the flavours of juniper, angelica root and aromatic spices unwind across your tongue before gracefully giving way to the sweet liquorice and hop after notes. Just months after its release Anno 602 claimed the title of ‘Specialist Drinks Category Winner’ at the Taste of Kent Awards in March 2016. It’s bold flavour make it perfect for cocktails such as a negroni with a twist of orange to garnish or if you’re more traditional - to concoct the perfect G&T pour a generous helping of chilled 602 over ice, add premium Indian Tonic water, and garnish with a twist of lemon or orange and peppercorns for an added citrusy infusion.

Hailing from the luscious green countryside of Kent, ‘The Garden of England’, Anno Distillers produce some of the finest gins and spirits to ever emerge from the county. In fact, they are the first to distil gin in the county in over 200 years, continuing the proud traditions once applied by its spirit-loving ancestors. Founded in 2011, and after much scientific endeavour, they released their signature gin into the marketplace to much acclaim in 2013. In its short time on the market, it has racked up accolades at a frenetic pace, pleasing the palettes of awards judges and consumers alike, locally, nationally and internationally. Anno Distillers was founded in 2011 by lifelong scientists, Dr. Andy Reason and Dr. Norman Lewis. They left the Pharmaceutical industry when their Research & Development site was closed at the end of 2010 choosing to, rather than move to another part of the country, follow their passion for spirits and formed Anno Distillers in August 2011. “Science-based to our core, our name ‘Anno’ has been crafted from the Christian names of the co-founders, ANdy and NOrman.” The "A" monogram is taken from an ancient German Alchemical text and was used as the symbol to describe the process of distillation, which of course ties in beautifully with the company name. The logo, together with the strap-line 'The Spirit of Alchemy' nicely connects the founders scientific background with their products.


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