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Black Tot Day, July 31st, 1970, was the final day when the Royal Navy issued its service men and women with their daily rum ration. Some sailors wore black arm bands; tots were 'buried at sea' and even mock funeral processions complete with coffin and accompanying drummers and piper. The move was not popular despite an extra can of beer being added to the daily rations in compensation.

From around 1655, half a pint of rum was the usual ration handed to each sailor every day. Drunkenness on board ships became a problem and the ration was formalized in Naval regulations by Admiral Vernon (Old Groggy) in 1740 and ordered to be mixed with water and sometimes as a treat, with limes and sugar. This is now known as Grog.

Today Pussers Rum contributes a percentage of the overall company that would have been spent on rum. Today this money helps to support serving and ex Navy personnel and provides everything from bedding to hospital and rehabilitation equipment.

So if you do, or are drinking Pussers Rum, you have contributed in to the Tot Fund and supported the British Navy personnel.

Thank you, & up spirits!


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