Daffy’s Crowned ‘The World’s Best Martini’

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The only gin to win a vote from every judge!

Daffy’s Gin is the winner of the World’s Best Martini Challenge 2017, displacing the 2016 title-holder Tanqueray 10 as the ultimate benchmark Martini gin.

The annual competition, organised by James Thomas and Gary Sharp  (World’s Best Martini Challenge Founders), was hosted in London at bar Three Six Six alongside four other world’s best gins fighting for the trophy (Brooklyn, Hepple, Darnley’s View and Caorunn).

The Martinis

Two Martinis were made with Daffy’s. The first, created by Eduardo Delamora (Owner of Three Six Six), mixed Daffy’s with mint, orange peel, coriander bitters and almonds, with a garnish of cinnamon. Daffy’s ‘core serve’ classic martini also helped win the overall competition, using only dry vermouth and a dash of orange bitters (see recipe below).

The Reaction

Chris Molyneaux, Daffy’s Founder and Master Distiller, commented: “We are ecstatic to have been crowned the World’s Best Martini Gin, the most iconic of gin cocktails. The competition was very tough with so many other great gins in the final. Mixologist Eduardo was a joy to watch – making classics to perfection and also pushing the Martini into new spheres with his twists on classics. The genius of the Martini is that it is one of the most sophisticated and one of the easiest drinks to make at home.”

James Thomas, one of the entrepreneurs behind the search for the top martini, said: “What a night!  At the end of a closely-fought contest amongst a range of top quality gins, the judges had to raise their glasses to Daffy’s Gin. Not only was it a crowd-pleaser but it was the only contender to win a vote from all four judges.”

Gary Sharp, the other event organiser, said: “The event was a stunning success and showcased five of the new emerging stars in the gin market. It was a great reflection of the range and scope of this exciting, vibrant industry. Roll on World Gin Day and cheers to Daffy’s, the taste of 2017!”

The Specs for Daffy's Martini

4 parts Daffy’s
1 part dry vermouth
a dash of orange bitters
1 strip unwaxed lemon peel
ice cubes

Method: Place the ice, gin, bitters and Vermouth in a mixing glass. Stir down with a mixing spoon for ten seconds. Strain into a Martini glass. Pinch a strip of lemon peel over the glass to release the oils and then drop it in.


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