Distil. No9 Mixology Guide - Brighton

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  • Cocktail Name: Espresso Martini
  • Bartender: Rafal Shibbi
  • Venue/Bar: Marwood Coffee & Bar
  • Location: 52 Ship Street, Brighton BN1 1AF

Marwood offers coffee, cake and cocktails, a pretty good recipe for a good time. Memorabilia from Star Wars and other films adorn the walls, and its alternative take on life is encapsulated by a page on the website dedicated to their worst customer reviews.

Marwood already had a big reputation for its coffee before the team was joined by Rafal Shibby, with experience of some lively top hotel bars. Nicknamed Dragon for his partying instincts, he prompted an eclectic redesign offering fun and alternative cocktails.

Appropriately, Rafal offers Marwood’s version of the Espresso Martini, with Distil No.9, Marwood’s renowned coffee, coffee liqueur and sugar. He mixes this combination in a shaker and shakes super hard to blend all the ingredients together, strains into a goblet and serves immediately so you can watch the foam settle.

25ml - 50ml Distil. No9 Vodka
35ml Gabriel Boudier Creme de Cafes Coffee Liqueur
35ml Fresh Espresso
Garnish with coffee beans
Mix everything in a shaker and shake hard.
Strain into a goblet and watch the foam settle.


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