Distil. No9 Mixology Guide - Newcastle

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  • Cocktail Name: Wor. No9
  • Bartender: Kieran Grieves
  • Venue/Bar: Bonbar, Newcastle
  • Location: Assembly Rooms, Fenkle Street, NE1 5XU

Situated at the eastern end of Hadrian’s Wall, Newcastle has been an important location for two millennia, so it should be no surprise that the “new” castle refers to a structure nearly a thousand years old. The region has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, with Newcastle one of the first cities in the world with electric lighting, and Darlington, also included in this guide, being the terminus of the world’s first passenger railway. It has a great reputation for its bartenders to live up to, and in the bars featured here you can judge for yourself. Bartenders now get to travel the world to demonstrate their skills. It is a community of highly skilled individuals who care about their trade. This mobility of information has given countries around the world the ability to share trends and you can see the very best from around the world in any major city.

Mixology is now reaching ever greater heights. It’s not just the drink, but also the experience. Starting in this world of mixology it is important to get the first steps right, and first of all comes the balance of the cocktail. Vodka is the best spirit to start with and is like a blank canvas on which to paint your masterpiece. Fresh juices, syrups, tonics, fruit, spices and herbs all help make a cocktail individual. With every ingredient, it is important you choose a high quality one, just like a quality vodka.

To help you with mixing your own drinks at home we have put together this guide with some of the very best mixologists. The Small Cocktail Guide is made to showcase the very best and their skills. It is a guide with nine northeast bartenders and nine cocktails with a base of Distil No.9 vodka. All the cocktails are presented differently and each of them has its own unique approach.

It is important to note that the Mixology of No. 9 is not a competition, and every page shares an unforgettable experience and impressions. As a result, all of the bars which are included are listed in alphabetical order.

40ml Distil. No9 Vodka
20ml Fresh Cut Grass Infused Vermouth
10ml Brown Ale Reduction
5 dashes White Truffle Bitters
Add all ingredients into a mixing glass.
Stir down till correct temperature and dilution rate is achieved.
Double strain into a chilled Nic’N’Nora glass.
Garnish with a lemon twist and rosemary sprig.


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