Celebrate World Gin Day With The Lakes Distillery

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Fortunately for The Lakes Distillery, juniper grows wild in the fells of the Lake District. They use this local juniper together with other botanicals, such as bilberry and heather, to produce gins which are complex, intriguing and above all else, delicious.

The Lakes Distillery steep the botanicals overnight in the finest English wheat spirit, along with pure Cumbrian water, sourced from the River Derwent. Then the traditional, handmade copper pot still – Chemmy – works its magic.

The Lakes Gin is gently distilled for up to 8 hours, resulting in an exceptionally smooth gin. The gin is fresh and fruity with vibrant notes of juniper, orange peel and lemon citrus.

Whilst The Lakes Gin Explorer is distilled very slowly in small batches, resulting in a complex, intriguing gin with flavours of zesty orange citrus, coriander and cassia bark followed by hints of Earl Grey Tea and cracked pepper.

Find out how to make some of The Lakes Distillery’s signature cocktails below…

Fragaria Fizz

Cumbrian Collins

Clover Club

Damson Gin Simple Serve


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