Take Your Christmas Gin and Tonic to Another Level with Pedrino

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A refreshingly original way to start any occasion, Pedrino Spritz is the ultimate way to take your Christmas Gin & Tonic to another level.

Our trio of terrace-ready spritzers include:
Pedrino Vermouth & Tonic Spritz
Pedrino Sherry & Tonic Spritz
and Pedrino Ruby & Tonic Spritz
An uplifting blend of origin-protected fortified and artisanal tonic water. Not only can you drink Pedrino fresh from the bottle, just pour over ice and garnish with citrus fruit. You can also use it to spritz up your cocktails.

Spritz Cocktails
You’ll enjoy the sophistication of a classic cocktail blended with the sparkling refreshment of a spritz. Enhance the classics such as a G&T, Mojito and Old Fashioned with Pedrino Spritz. Not only will they be elevated in taste, they’re also effortlessly elegant to make as well.
Spritz Cocktail recipes:

Homemade Christmas Cocktail Recipes

Gin Spritz
Top up your favourite Gin with Pedrino Spritz. The added sparkle, perfect for Christmas:
Ice + 25ml Gin + Pedrino Spritz + Citrus Garnish

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Cherry Bakewell Spritz
Another spritz cocktail we highly recommend is one of our most popular recipes, our Cherry Bakewell Spritz. Very much true its name, it tastes exactly like a Cherry Bakewell!
You'll enjoy deep flavours of citrusy Ruby Port, a very subtle bitterness of tonic, and the velvety almond notes of Amaretto.
A professional tasting cocktail you can make at home. All you need is:
Ice + 25ml Amaretto + Pedrino Ruby & Tonic Spritz + Lemon Wedge

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