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  • Date of Birth: 13th April
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Birthplace: Cronton
  • Eye colour: Blue
  • Nationality: British

"I started my career in Wetherspoons at the age of 18, a year later I started working in Maloney’s in St Helens, I spent two years there and I fell in love with the industry. I left to go and bartend on cruise ships in the Caribbean and USA. I then moved to Spain and worked in a few bars over there for a few years. After this, I took a break from the industry and spent a few years on the other side of the bar, where I met my wife. I began to miss the bar life so my wife and I took the leap and opened our own bar in Woolton, Liverpool 2017."

Signature Cocktails

Your claim to fame

I taught Johnny Vegas to flair.

Q & A

What do you think of beer?
I’ve always like beer and love that over the years the craft beer boom has made it accessible to guests to try new style and experiment. Currently I am enjoying sour beers, really refreshing for summer. In winter, I like to go for a heavier style.

Advice for average bartender?
Learn your products, be experimental and get to know your guests. Try and learn as many classics as you can.

Pet Peeves?
Not learning specs, and not putting things back where they got them.

How did you get started?
I started in wetherspoons because I needed a ‘job’ whilst at college. Didn’t think it would be my career.

How were you trained?
I started to get a passion for bartending when I started working at a bar called Maloney’s in St Helens. Although it was mostly disco drinks on the menu (170 to be precise) you were not allowed on to the bar until you learned them all. Working in Maloney’s we learnt flairing, bar techniques and skills that ive carried forward with me in my career. Over the years I’ve worked with some great bartenders and still to this day I learn new things.

Did you take any courses?

I’m really happy to see food and beverage working closer together. On trend currently we have seen an increase in the types of techniques used, for example fat washes. Guests are getting more experimental too.

Creating a new cocktail?
I am constantly thinking of new cocktails. Whenever I am inspired (on holidays, at restaurants/bars, dog walks) I write it down in a notebook. I might use my ideas in a cocktail that week, or might use it in a years time, so it is always good to make notes. I look at what type of drink I am wanting to create and look at how to make the most out of flavours and ingredients.

Favourite Cocktail to make?
A Classic Daiquiri.

Favourite Tools?
Bar towel.

Favourite resource?

What does success mean to you?
Making drinks to the best of your ability, and guests being happy.

Current trends in cocktail market?
Sustainability. Low and No Drinks.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In a box.

If You weren’t in drinks industry, what would you be doing?
My dad had a garage, so probably would of worked there.

Biggest career influence?
Paul Drewery (Spender) He taught me the art of hospitality.

First drink ever tried?
When I was younger I used to love making ice cream milkshakes and used to sneak whisky in. I’d always drink some vinegar afterwards to hide the smell.

Drink to Avoid

Your hangover cure.
Keep going.

£10m comes to you, what do you do next?

Bar or Cellar?

Favourite Beer?
At the moment its 1936.

Favourite Wine?
A nice Chardonnay.

Favourite Spirit?

Gin Martini.

It has to be The Pickled Olive.

Moor Hall.

World Location?

Pump up the Volume.

I don’t like reading, so if I do it’s for reference.

Black Sands - Bonobo.

Mike Masse.


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