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SPRY isn’t only a short drink, it’s a ritual made to be remembered and crafted to be enjoyed slowly. There’s no better way to describe SPRY. SPRY is a tribute to the Scandinavian roots behind the brand, where “hygge” plays a central role. The meaning of the word hygge can be hard to describe. It’s when you feel relaxed, cosy and satisfied all at the same time. This feeling can come both outdoors and indoors.

But what does that have to do with a sipping spirit? In Denmark, it’s a tradition to drink “snaps”. It’s especially enjoyed during celebrations, where you toast with each other and this creates the perfect atmosphere for a hygge-moment. SPRY wants to share this Danish experience with others. This is why SPRY has created a tasty sipper that can be enjoyed with friends and family everywhere. You can enjoy it with food indoors, but you can also take SPRY outside on a walk or a picnic as well.

SPRY has taken steps to be planet-minded, and facilitate a “closed-loop” production and consumption process. That means that they make products that leave their facilities in reusable containers, ready to be refilled when the time comes. SPRY encourages the reuse of the bottles above all else. You can reuse the bottles as a vase for flowers, reuse for other drinks, as a water bottle, or as a Christmas decoration with lights inside to spice up your home.

If you’re looking for an artificially flavoured spirit that has tasted the same throughout history, then you’ve come to the wrong place. The team of culinary experts work around the clock to find the best seasonal produce around. And because of that, SPRY flavour profiles change with the weather, each sip divulging a complexity of flavour that lingers and complements the next.

Below you can read a bit more about SPRY’s four different flavours. Besides that, you can read more about how to perfectly pair SPRY with food or drinks and spice it up even more.

Spry - Perfect for the darlings

Tart and complex, with a twist of spice. Scrumptiously sour, rounded by sweetness.

Rhubarb, apple, cardamom and vanilla.
Reminds us of:
Long summer nights with friends
Visiting your grandparents
Guy Fawkes night
Watching the stars
Food and drink pairing:
On its own as a dessert
Vanilla ice cream
Cream brûlée

Spry - Perfect for the bold

Red hot and warming, A heat that lingers just long enough.

Chilli, bay-leaves, juniper and black pepper
Reminds us of:
Cold skiing trips
Hiking on a cold windy day
Crazy stag parties
Party starter
Summer bbq’s
Dramatic skies
Long walks in the misty rain
Food and drink pairing:
Fresh oysters
Ribs on bbq
Rich Chocolate cake
Bloody Mary

Spry - Perfect for the crafty

Strong and soulful. Full flavoured with delicate floral notes.

Coffee and a hint of vanilla
Reminds us of:
Long conversations with friends
Sourcing good quality
The comfy feeling of a cup of coffee
Food and drink pairing:
Spice up your espresso martini
Salted caramel
Chocolate cake
Boozy brunch
After dinner

Perfect for the spirited

Bursting with aroma. Balances heat and sweetness, with a fresh twist.

Turmeric, ginger, lemongrass, sweetened with apples
Reminds us of:
Travelling to exotic places
Exploring the spice markets
Long walks in the forest
Exploring the world/UK
The perfect sunset
Food and drink pairing:
Brunch or dessert
Seafood or white fish


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